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U19’s defeat Ajax



Forget about the game.  How good was it to have 50 of our parents and supporters at the club to cheer us on to a victory over old rivals Ajax.  Many supporters present couldn?t remember the last time we?d beaten Ajax then again they had never had a few drinks and lunch before our previous tussles – there could be some correlation!


Were Quonny’s directions to the team correct and followed?  Did we win because we followed the game plan?  I don?t know as I was off watching the seniors in their efforts to beat the Old StKildonians (!)   What was clear was that all 24 in the team worked hard and followed the directions and easily overcame the league leaders for 2009.


Ajax who?  How we dominated the Jackers in all parts of the game was sensational and we did this with 4 of our leading players out.  It was a pity that we let them in for a couple of cheap goals in the dying minutes to make the scoreboard look a little more respectful for  them but the bottom line was that they were outclassed by a disciplined

( well, for most of the day), skilled and determined Rovers outfit who wanted to show Ajax and the comp that we are the power!


Who were our best?  A difficult question as at different times during the day we all contributed to the victory.  Massie was great in negating their gun forward (Did the coach’s instructions work?), Russ was again in and under and with sure hands controlled the midfield.  Gossy was again enjoying time up forward and this released Mat Innes to the midfield where scribes estimated he ran more in one day than he had for the year!


Hobes was on fire down back and backed up by Jaxter on the flank it was clear early that the Ajax forwards were not going to get an easy kick. With Max, Britts, Hobes, Mass and Baxter in form it is clear that any team we face is in for a hard time.


At the other end we were sweet.  With Matt and Gossy causing havoc, new boy Jack Sperring controlling CHF and Brendan and Zeke working hard we had the avenues to goal we needed.  They were ably assisted by Leon and Jacko and with Brent’s aggression at the ball it was clear that Ajax were not in the contest.


It was good to see that in the middle the coach’s plan was succeeding.  Marlz and big Pat rotating in the ruck, Jacko and Russ going in hard and a combination of Benny Clarke and Nick Jewel mopping about around the edges gave the Jackers little opportunity.


Meanwhile, most parents had vacated the clubrooms by – time.  This gave them plenty of time to re enter the rooms on the final siren and continue to enjoy the ambience created by the inaugural U19 Parents and Supporters Luncheon of 2009.  A great meal and thanks go to Viv, Elaine, Janette and Julie for getting it all organized on the day.  With only one home game to go we all need to mark our diaries for August 22 and make sure we are all down at the Boss to cheer us home.


Next week we face ?born again? Bentleigh in another major test.  We murdered them last time around and from all reports they?ve poached a number of players (just in case they?re reading this!) and have lifted their performances greatly in the second half of the season.  Let’s see how they go when facing real opposition.



HR      3.1       7.4       13.5     15.7     97

Ajax    2.3       5.4       6.5       9.9       63      


Best     Massie, Johnston, Innes, Goss, Hoban, Youl, Baxter

Goals Johnston 4, Goss 3, Innes 2, Lewis 2, Jones 1, Youl 1, McMahon 1, Howe 1

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