Senior Player Registrations

Register online for the Rovers’ five senior teams below. If you played at another club in 2021 or since last playing for the Rovers, or if you’re joining the Seniors from any Rovers Junior team, please contact us so we can arrange a player transfer for you – or speak with Jamie Stanfield. During the registration process, you will be required to pay a $11 VAFA registration fee. Once registered, Rovers player subs can be paid on the Rovers Online Shop. To register for Rovers Junior teams, click here.

2022 Player Subs & Sponsorship

Standard Senior Subs$330Pay Now >
Full-time Student Subs$270Pay Now >
Under 19 Player Subs$140Pay Now >
Thirds Players$220Pay Now >
Senior Women’s Team$230Pay Now >
Men’s Player Sponsorship$330Buy Now >
Women’s Player Sponsorship$270Buy Now >

Player subs (or player sponsorship) help the club cover VAFA affiliation & umpires fees, player insurance, trainers & medical expenses, jumpers, football department spending and other player expenses.

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