Senior Player Registrations

Register online for the Rovers’ five senior teams in 2024 on PlayHQ via the button below. If you require a transfer from another club or the Rovers Juniors, please contact us or speak with Jamie Stanfield first. Players are strongly encouraged this year to pay their subs in full during registration (in PlayHQ). Alternatively you may pay a $150 up-front payment during registration, and the remainder later via the Rovers Online Shop. Late fees will apply. Players must also pay an additional $11 VAFA registration fee during registration. To register for Rovers Junior teams, click here.

2024 Player Subs & Sponsorship

Senior Men’s$350Pay Now >
Senior Women’s$270Pay Now >
Under 19$190Pay Now >
Thirds$240Pay Now >
Full-time Student$290Pay Now >
Men’s Player Sponsorship$370Pay Now >
Women’s Player Sponsorship$290Pay Now >

Player subs (or player sponsorship) help the club cover VAFA affiliation & umpires fees, player insurance, trainers & medical expenses, jumpers, football department spending and other player expenses. The VAFA registration fee covers an increased level of player insurance and other initiatives by the VAFA.

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