Under 19

Round 12 v Chapel, Fitzroy and Acland Street

When Quonny sent the email at 11am to break the news of the MHSOB forfeit the fear went round all U19 parents – after game celebrations brought forward from 6pm to 1pm – and the team did not let them down!


The first stanza was played out at Bridie O?Reilly’s and armed with Grant’s generous donation to the cause the team was playing to form.  Prominent early were Ed Turner and the skipper endeavouring to keep the boys honest and on the ball.  A great first up performance by newcomer Jack Sperring was commented on and cause for concern as the consensus was he wouldn?t last the distance!  Ben Clarke was putting in and backed up by the Fuzzman and Rich Atkins things were starting to warm up, thankfully the reliability of Britts, Massie and Baxter was keeping the show on the road.


From there things get a bit blurry.  Certainly the Station featured and I understand La Roche together with the Red Eye and the Doulton were on the agenda.  By 6pm a few were feeling the pressure of a big game with Rick Jones and Jewely  relying on the coach, a late arrival, and Mick our trainer to deliver a few messages and call for a few changes.  By this time things slowed but the arrival of Jess (from the wilds of Bulleen) the pressure was again applied.  It was good to see a few of last years U19s with Riggles, Ryan Morcom and Jase McCoy calling in at the Doulton and no doubt offering some sound advice to the boys. 


Mick Levy said he had to go to catch up with a young lady only to be trumped by Ned who left to meet three girls!   Good decisions by both of them.


By this stage the coach’s instructions were disregarded and no one is quite sure exactly what happened from that time on.  We know Leon had a sleep at some establishment, Jess was evicted from another and somehow some of the seniors then appeared.  A quick detour to the Doulton found Malty, Mitzy, Fletch and Stuey – of course by this stage no one was sure who was where or what they were doing as the game day pressure had taken its toll.  The cameo performance was by Robbie J who texted the coach on three occasions during the night.  Unfortunately none of the messages were decipherable! 


Thankfully, we only play MHSOB once a year and have a year to recover until our next encounter!



550 beers to nil


Zeke and Fish for wimping out


All of the under agers who went home early!

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