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Rd9: Sharks Caught By Rovers Onslaught

The cacophony of car horns that greeting Gossy’s final goal in the last quarter would have been reminiscent of the response to his father’s exploits of 25 years ago!  Of course, the last was a bit of a goal fest with Brent popping through 2 for the quarter to make it 3 for the game, and Matt Innes continuing his good form to make it 5 for the day.  But we?ll all admit that the last was a bit of a procession.  Having broken down any Shark resistance in the first 3 quarters, they had nothing left against the wind in the last. In fact, after half time they only scored 1 goal.


This was not to say coach Quon was happy after the game.  After 3 fantas he cut loose with his real feelings ?it’s all very well to beat a bottom side by 100 points but we still struggle against the top two or three.  We need 4 quarter efforts in every game.  Even today we fell off in the third with only 1 goal which was matched by the Beauy boys.  Our intensity after the main break has been letting us down and is reminiscent of some ordinary performances last year? he said, taking another slurp of the fanta.  ?Poor disposal by some of our senior players was an ongoing problem – if Innes had better delivery he?d have 50 on the board by now? he said woofing down a hot dog. 


It was clear in the rooms before the game that we were confident.  The talk and interaction was good and the coach’s precise instructions to players on the board were read (while not acted on) by all.  We jumped out of the box with a 5 to 1 first quarter with Massie again prominent and our midfielders getting their act together. The Fuzzman, was dominant and the ambidextrian was relishing being given the opportunity in the pivot.  With good delivery, Brent Stevens put on a clinic and that booming left foot and aggressive play at the ball was a feature of his game all day.  With our experienced wingers in Baxter and Max cleaning up any loose balls, the end result was in no doubt from early in the game.  Even Max’s cameo at full forward reaped rewards with 2 goals. 


We continued the pressure in the second and with Zeke, who was banished to the bench in the first, came out firing and popped through 3 goals in a very handy performance.  The bench was very happy with Marlz’s game in the ruck, taking on a far taller opponent and using his aggression at the ball he was playing the running ruckman role well, giving us plenty of drive out of the middle.


After the break it was Jewely who surprised all.  With a number of strong marks and quick moves forward the coach rewarded him after the game with the Coach’s award for the day.  Only player’s present are eligible.  It was good to see Leon hit a bit of form and his contesting and strong play protecting the ball carrier was acknowledged by the coach.  It  was also pleasing to see young Jake McMahon back on the field and having a go!


It was a quiet day for the backs and as a result a few were given a bit of a roaming commission in the second half with Jess Craig having a stint in the ruck, Richo on the ball and down forward and as he always does when given that opportunity, snagged the mandatory goal. Meanwhile, Jess L at full back and lonely, spent the quarter chatting to his old school mate – the Beaumaris goal umpire!

Next week we?re at home to Prahran at 2pm.  On an injury update we?ve lost big Pat for a few weeks to a wrist injury.  We also lose Jacko for a couple of weeks on holidays and just as importantly we?ll lose his dad, Joe, who has been doing a great job as our boundary umpire this year.  We need a volunteer or one of our injured will have to fill in.  Hopefully, Chris Britton will be back for his first game since Anzac Day, Ned Fallon back from a wedding (no, not his!), Cailin from the flu and maybe Rick Jones will be on deck or at least on the training track.


It was great to see the big turn up of parents and supporters after the game as well as a contingent of Beauy parents and players.  A special thanks goes to Cam Atkins and Jim Hoban for taking on the bar for the night.  As we?re home again next week we?ll need a couple of volunteers for the bar so please let me know over the week if you are prepared to give it a go!  It’s a great way to meet or catch up with other parents.



HR      5.2     10.7    11.13  18.19            127

Beauy 1.3     3.3     4.3     4.3                 27


Goals  Innes 5, Stevens 3, Lewis 3, Goss 2, Greenway 2, Atkins 1, Hoban 1, Turner 1

Best    Youl, Stevens, Jewel, Goss, Atkins, Woltering




Goal   Craig Stevens                              IF ANY OF YOU ARE

Time  Dale Craig                                  NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE

Score Dan Lewis and team!                    LET ME KNOW ASAP

Inter  Jason Cave




We would love all parents, supporters and friends  to make the effort to attend this lunch and the game against the top team.  Cost is $25 per head and includes a drink.  It starts at 12pm on the day.  Let’s  round up as many as possible to make it a big day.

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