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Rovers dominate Peninsula

Rovers dominate Peninsula – Angry scenes at after match!


The stage was set ?over 150 Auskickers lined up to congratulate Rob Johnston on reaching his 100th club game and where was he?  Of all weeks to win a promotion to the seniors!  Anyway we celebrated all those players over the last couple of years who have reached that milestone and in many cases not recognized. 


Notwithstanding, it was a strangely subdued day where many of our supporters (and dogs) were absent and apart from the first  two quarters the team also seemed to have lost a bit of interest.  Who would have thought at the start of the season that we?d have a patch so early where we?ve been so dominant – in 5 of the last 8 quarters we?ve played, our opponents have not kicked a goal!  At the other end of the ground we?re dominating with the top two goal kickers being Rovers.


Great credit should go to our back six – with Jess taking a bag of marks at CHB and with Fuzz, Baxter, Rich, Hobes and Massie dominating their opponents and at the same time playing great team footy the opposition forwards have been starved of easy goal scoring chances.  The inclusion of Gossy was a plus and a handy replacement for our centurian!


Our midfield had it worked out with big Pat and Marlon sharing the ruck, Eddie running rampant, Russ and Brendan either under the pack or outrunning the pack, Maxy dominating his wing the forwards had plenty of chances.  Benny used his head in an unusual method of smothering and it was a relief to see him back on his feet albeit, nursing a sore head!


The first half was a training run and with 10.7 to 0.2 it was reminiscent of the earlier Auskick score.  Matty had 3 to half time, Eddie 2 and young Riggles  slotted 2.  With Ned strangely quiet and his new partner Mat Care finding his feet it was up to Julie, Leon, Mick and Brent to create the chances. 


After the break the sting was out of the game.  Against the run of play Peninsula kicked 4 with the wind in the third only to be matched by 4 from the strangely lethargic Rovers.  When we turned for home with the wind we hoped for the blowout that never came.  Seven behinds and only two goals for the quarter really summed up the whole of the second half – we just weren?t on song!


It was only after the game that the level of tension lifted.  When the parents, supporters and some players (!) realized that the bar was not going to open we nearly had to call in the umps to hand out a few yellow cards!   Sorry guys, next home game we?ll make amends – I understand the coach will shout the bar for all those there after the game!


We have the bye next week – a chance for all to get over those little niggles.  After that it will be 1st v 2nd  on June 13 when we take on the Jackers.  A couple of spies watched them roll Mentone after our game and it was clear we will be in for a battle. Their running game was first rate and the ability to convert every opportunity was outstanding.   With creative players on every line we will have to bring our A game to knock them off!  A real contest for a change.



HR     4.4     10.7    14.9    16.15            111

Pen    0.0       0.2     4.6     4. 7              31


Best   Lovig, Youl, Goss, Innes, Wrigley, Turner, Howe

Goals Innes 4, Turner 3, Wrigley 3, Fallon 2, Culvenor 2, Care 1, Levy 1      


Roster for June 13 v AJAX


Goal   James Clarke

Time Paul Jewel

Bound Joe Naulty

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