Under 19

U19’s def by Old Mentonians


An outstanding first quarter where the teamwork and precision of the young Rovers totally dominated our opponents.  Six to two at quarter time and we had the Old Mentonians on the run.  Pat was again dominant in the ruck and our midfielders were able to capitalize on his clear taps.  With the ball being delivered quickly into the forward line it was training drill like as we potted a number of easy goals.


It was clear that the OMs were hanging back waiting for the easy kick and, strangly, it was working, we?d be first in only to see the errant handball or kick out of the pack go straight to the OM player on his own – cherry picking.  While we were marking well in defence they weren?t being paid and our hard tackling was not being rewarded.  The level of frustration was rising as OMs worked their way back into the game.


While all the players were trying hard our efforts were largely unrewarded – our best for the quarter were Ned, Eddie, big Pat in the ruck and Nick Hoban who was doing a fine tagging job on the OM’s gun.  Down back the two Jesses had their opponents under control and Richard – well Richard was doing what Rich does best!  At the main break we held a fragile 2 goal break.


The coach was not happy.  Our fluidity of the first quarter had been  replaced by a hesitancy that was uncharacteristic of how we had been playing so far this season.  The team rules were stressed and it was made clear that compliance with them was critical for victory. 


OMs continued the third how they ended the second and the supporters could feel the tension rising.  It was noted that for the first time in the season when we were put under pressure we, rather than concentrating on the game switched our focus to things that we couldn?t control.  In addition, the expectation of players to take marks flying one handed or pick up the ball with one hand was unrealistic.  The OM’s capitalized.  They were hard in and under and pushing the ball forward with little finesse but a fair amount of grunt.  A goal on the siren meant the scores were level.  While our younger players were having a dip they weren?t receiving enough support from the veterans and we could feel the tide turning –  a 5 to 3 goal quarter left us staring down the barrel at the break.  Best for us were Gould, Fallon (now in the midfield) Turner, Atkins and Baxter.


We started the last quarter on a roll but were unrewarded in the first 10 minutes when we had managed 4 behinds from relatively straight forward shots.  Up the other end OMs kicked 4 to be 3 goals up half way through the quarter.  While our discipline left something to be desired to our credit we didn?t give in.  Our teamwork returned and we were rewarded by  a goal to Richard and 2 to Matt Innes, which  put us less than a goal behind with a few minutes to go.  We battled hard for that elusive goal but when the final bell rang we fell short by 5 points. 


Quonny, looking forward to a birthday celebration was devastated by the result.  ?To lose to a team that wasn?t anywhere near our standard was disappointing? he lamented after the game.  ?We are committed to giving as many players as possible a run to work out at this early stage our best combinations for later in the year.  There will be changes this week looking for players prepared to put their head down and go in hard?.  I think training might be a bit demanding this week!


While speaking of hard and heads we can advise that Chris Britton had his operation on Tuesday and, while feeling a bit sick and sorry for himself he’s on the mend.  We all wish Chris the best in his recovery.



HR      6.2     9.6     12.9    15.14

OM     2.4     7.7     12.9    16.13


Best: Turner, Ivory, Gould, Fallon, Hoban, Atkins

Goals: Fallon 4, Innes 3, Lewis 3, Turner 2, Atkins 2, Johnston 1




(Double Header with the Thirds kicking-off at 11:40am)




Officials for next Saturday:

Goal : Steve Johnston

Time:  Steve Massie

Score: Dan Lewis

Boundary: Jo Naulty

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