Women go 3-0 with Power House win

The footy gods must finally be shining, as it was another great day for this week’s match, overcast but mild weather, barely any wind.  Castlefield Oval in good nick…should all make for great footy!

The Rovers were looking forward to hopefully building on their solid start to the much-awaited 2021 season! 

With a few players out from last week, mainly through injury (all the best with your recovery ladies) our team depth this year has enabled us to bring in some excellent players this week, as in Greta Robertson, Harmoni Collins and Millie Smith. 

1st Q. 

A good battle was underway and it was mainly being played in the Rover’s forward half. We were peppering the goals and had 7 behinds on the scoreboard before Maxine Behnke snapped truly for the first major of the game. To Power House’s credit they were keeping the pressure on our forwards but with our relentless endeavour and great teamwork, the game opened up and goals to Stephanie Peacock and Greta Robertson, after a strong pack mark, soon followed. 

Score – Quarter time: Rovers 3.8.26 to Power House 0.0.0

2nd Q. 

In the second the Rovers really took hold of the match, our backline was holding strong with great backup, teamwork and attack on the footy. 

Every time Power House tried to come into their forward line, our Dual Vice Captain Mandy Naylor and Maxine (who was having an awesome game), as well as the rest of the backline, were able to repel everything that the opposition threw at them. 

Around the ground Jasmine Andros was in everything and Bella Cameron showed great courage and attack on the footy but unfortunately got crunched and had to come off. However she was able to come back on later in the quarter and played really well, showing great ‘Rovers’ spirit!

Steph snagged a couple of more goals for the quarter and was putting on a real display of brilliant forward play combining both class and courage. 

Score – Half Time: Rovers 5.10.40 to Power House 0.0.0

3rd Q.

Unfortunately for thehapless Power House team (not through lack of their effort and spirit) they were taking on a relentless Rovers unit who were not about take their foot off the pedal. Our courageous Dual Vice Captain Haley Gould was playing a great game and leading by example, as well as Captain Bianca Lenarcic who was giving her heart and soul to every contest as always. 

A quick goal to Maegan Miller following brilliant play by Millie Smith and then Bree-Anna put through a major, a well deserved goal due to all her hard work. Steph chimed in with her 4th for the afternoon late in the quarter.

Score – Three Quarter time: Rovers 8.12.60 to Power House 0.0.0

4th Q

More of the same for the Final Quarter from the Rovers and Kristy Ebbott continued on with her amazing tackling and brilliant team play, she was inspiring the whole team with her second and third efforts! Casey Politarhis was again showing why she is so valuable to the side with her courage and skills. Shae Raymond, from the 18’s, was impressive throughout the match.  Two more goals from the brilliant Steph for the quarter, she finish with 6 for the match!

Final Score: Rovers 11.21.87  to Power House 0.0.0

The team has really developed nicely through the inclusion of gun Rovers Under 18’s players to the Senior Women’s team this season, such as Isabella Cameron, Maegan Miller, Stephanie Peacock and Greta Robertson (hope I got these right or haven’t missed anyone!)

Go Rovers Women! Well done for another awesome display!!

Hampton Rovers           3.8-26  5.10-40 8.13-61 11.22-88
Power House AFC          0.0       0.0       0.0       0.0
Goal Kickers: S. Peacock 6, M. Miller 2, B. Kavanagh, M. Behnke, G. Robertson
Best Players: S. Peacock, B. Lenarcic, K. Ebbott, M. Behnke, M. Miller, S. Raywood

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