Under 10 Silver season overview

How lucky am I?  The 2014 Under 9 west team won the Lightning Carnival and I just happened to inherit the team that Vanders moulded straight from Auskick.

Our preseason was great. Dr Dave Velten was keen to jump on board and with Oscar Roberts, the Under 15 2014 premiership star who was also keen to get involved in coaching, it was a trio of passionate lads that couldn’t wait for the Under 10 crew to start running around…

Graham Davis & Steve Taranto linked up to head what became Under 10 Yellow and the 6 weeks prior to season start was fast and furious. FUN, FUN and more FUN was the order of each and every session.  Thanks guys – I will remember this season for many years.

Before I go any further I need to mention Peter Civitarese. Peter was there from the first session to the last and he was the glue that pulled the two squads together that allowed our job as coaches to be very simple. Cheers Peter, well done.

Entering the season – Ange Stoffels and Rachel Marshall. They joined forces to rival any great partnership.  I’m thinking Batman & Robin, Fish and Chips, Bert and Ernie or perhaps Thelma & Louise.  Thanks Ladies.  Your work was outstanding and your calming influence was excellent.

The season was full of many highs, some trying moments under modified rules and a few tears from the coach as the inspiration from the playing group flowed in abundance.

The new players to football were the ones that captured my imagination.  Trying to remember how young and vulnerable it must feel to be thrust onto a field in the advanced division and try to do your best can be daunting.  Jake, Alexander, Max S, Jack C, Charlie, Jace and Josh were all outstanding as newbies to the game.  Thank you boys – I am incredibly proud of each of you and look forward to seeing your enjoyment and development in years to come.

To Jensen and Oscar, I am so happy you chose Hampton Rovers. I hope you both had a wonderful year and look forward to coaching you both in 2016.  Your highlights are stuck in my mind, you add great value to the team and are very easy to coach.

The players that have been with the team for three years now have carried themselves with pride, composure, care, sportsmanship and great steps forward.  Thank you to the following boys who have shone over the past 20 weeks – Max C, Jack G, Matteo, Brodie, Josh B, Luka, Jay, Dylan, Aidan, Harry, Jem & Archie.

A special mention to Mason and Kai – It’s never easy being the coach’s son/sons, first to training and often the last to leave. Thanks for being the best boys a coach/father could ask for.  Thanks to Julie who understands my passion for footy.  I am blessed that she allows me the time necessary to do what we do…

To the parents – thank you for your constant support. Your sons are a credit to your families, schools & community. The Rovers 2015 Under 10 squad of silver and yellow were a privilege to coach.

Finally:  Always remember – Have your mouthguards in your right hand above your head, double knot your laces, be good to your mother and have FUN.

Love Ya Boys.


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