U9 West 2014 Season Report

This was my second year as coach and another fantastic year it turned out to be for the boys in 2014.  We were shy on players this year and thankfully we had anywhere between 1 to 4 boys from under 8’s playing for us each week and it wasn’t unusual to play 16 or 17 boys and have an opposition team rotate a few kids through our group. 

The boys developed again this season and it was a delight to watch their skills improve and certainly their game sense started to come on this year.  The development was substantial with the team being far more even across the group which saw far more boys have an influence on the game week to week. 

We had a mixed season with wins and losses throughout the season and importantly we were competitive each week and the kids having lots of fun.  We introduced a Golden Boot Award (trophy was as it reads) for a player each week, which they loved.

The kids managed to go back to back Lightening Cup Premiers (First Premiership for some) in 2014.  We had a few under 8’s fill in for us on the day and all played so well with only 17 boys.  Plenty of nerves, smiles, retelling of key possessions, enthusiasm and a celebratory snag and lemonade back at the club that evening.

Thanks to the parent for your support during the year.  Everyone chipped in and helped fill the roles during the year and certainly the kids love seeing the parents being part of it.  We have never had an off-field issue and it was great that the kids are just able to get out and play. 

To our Team Manager, Casey Van Der Haar did a Stirling job for the second year in a row.  Team Manager is a big role and you certainly did a fantastic job!

To the assistant coach in Paul Carrigan, you did a terrific job and your many years of experience was invaluable for the kids.  They are definitely a bit more knowledgeable in the game of footy from your involvement.  Also, to Marco as runner, it was a joy to watch your work during the year, your enthusiasm and passion, terrific!  To the remaining support team, Thanks You.

For the kids I hope you all return in 2015 and enjoy your football at the ROVERS !!

Best and Fairest:                       Mason Carrigan

Runner Up Best and Fairest:       Archie Roberts

Other Worthy Trophy Winners:   Jem Thomas, Aiden Velten, Luka Simurina

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