U17 DIV 1 Coach’s Report – 2013 Wrap Up

Team : Under 17 Div 1 BRIGHTON ROVERS
Sponsor: Buxton 
Trophy Winners
Best and Fairest:-  Josh Elston
Runner Up Best and Fairest:-  Ed Cheesman
2nd Runner Up:-  Jack Toouli
Most Improved:-  Toby Sullivan
Most Courageous:-  Joel Balleggi

We started the year with mixed expectations. Michael Deluca and Chris Toouli had begun discussing the prospects of amalgamating two teams to one, and they would be co coached.

Neither club has had U/17  for several years, and this could be the time to get a team back together in this age group.
The Rovers and Vampires held meetings at Chris’ home in early October, and the response was excellent. 24 players attended and we built a great team from then on.
The team was looking awesome and the numbers had reached 29, every last player would be required. Training began 3 weeks later, mid November, and we all bonded from then on. We would see an average of 15 to 22 players attend training weekly.
These were good numbers, considering we had 6 Dragons representatives and 14 that played senior 18 school football.
The season was off to a great start, we had won 6 straight before we would be challenged by Caulfield. We had just got over the line by 11 points, with 14 fit players left on the field.
The rest of the season saw us get through undefeated with some massive 190 point wins to our team.
A win v Ormond saw the Rovers proceed directly from the second semi to the Grand Final where we were challenged by Caulfield Bears again, to bring home the Premiership Cup by 26 points in a close battle.
The Players, what a great group of young men, that bonded together and were all talented footballers. Both Michael and I have enjoyed being part of there joyous success and have made some great new friendships.
The major break through for the group was the Thursday night dinners we had after training, with the attendance of a few parents as well. You could see that these guys had really clicked.
The parents, what a ripper group, most had offered help in one way or another. Michael and I were happy enough for them just to drop off the boys at training and game days. It was noted that every player was represented at the Grand final night, that went on till the early hours. Thanks for your support.
Our Support Staff, special thanks go to :
                      Trainer                                Paul Fisher
                      Runner                                Dave Balleggi
                      Interchange Steward           Michael Garner
                      Time Keeper                       Steve Jones
                      Goal Umpire                       David Graham
Extra Special thanks go to Maria Deluca for the thankless job of Team Manager.
Last but not least I would personally like to thank, Michael Deluca for being the Co Coach of this great group and making the season turn out the way it did.
To the two clubs, this proven example should be followed on next year, with the u/16s as there is no way each club, shall be able to get the numbers, to form separate sides.
Enjoy your spring-summer break and let’s see, what next year may bring ???

Chris Toouli

Co Coach
U/17 Div 1 Premiers

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