U12 Blue Coach’s Report – 2013 Wrap Up

Team : UNDER 12 Blue
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Trophy Winners

Best and Fairest:- Hamish Styring
Runner Up Best and Fairest:- Anakin Williams
Best Team Player:- Josh Snowsill
Most courageous:- Ben Castanelli
Coach’s Award:- Liam Kenny
2013 was a pretty tough year for our u12 Blue team both on and off the field.  We started the season losing 4 of their team mates to local rivals which left everyone with a pretty sour taste early on.  Despite this the 19 great kids we had were determined to give their all.  I couldn’t be prouder of these kids, they are a terrific bunch who were short handed from the start but stuck at it all year and can be very proud of themselves.  I really encourage you all to stick at your footy as you all have attributes that can see you do well if you stick at it. Hopefully we see your name at Boss James as a senior player in years to come! 
In the absence of last years 2 team managers, Cailey King stepped in to take on the team manager role and did an absolutely terrific job.  The team manager is so integral to a successful year and Cailey was a star – we all knew where we needed to be and when and what our ‘chore’ for the week was.   
To all the parents, thank you so much.  In the 2 years I’ve been coach I’ve never had one off field issue and your support at training and match days supporting the boys is tremendous – the boys really appreciate it.  Your help with filling in duties throughout the year has been sensational and the team couldn’t run without your ongoing support. 
To Paul Warman, my assistant coach, who was there for every session, covering for me in my extended absence and providing a great sounding board and influence to the boys, thankyou so much.  A special mention to Brendan Kenny who was there to help training every week as well and also Peter Howey and Mario who were there more often than not. As a coaching group we were very fortunate to have such a great group of kids who were eager to listen and learn and have fun at the same time. 
Finally I would like to thank all involved for giving me the opportunity to be involved in such a great group of families.  Many friendships have been forged by boys, parents and siblings. I am extremely proud of the boys and it was an absolute honour to be the coach. 
Go Rovers! 
Paul Mongey 
U12 Blue COACH

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