Castlefield Reserve drainage and resurfacing

Hampton Rovers Football Club is very proud to be the recipients of $350,000 funding for the re-surfacing and provision of drainage for Castlefield Reserve. 
The funding is being provided by Bayside City Council ($145,644) and The Federal Government, Regional Development Australia Fund ($212,376), pending conformation of allocation. 
This has been a drawn out, yet ultimately very fruitful process. The monies, initially allocated to Castlefield Reserve through Bayside Council’s 2013/14, 2014/15 budgets were withdrawn and allocated to Trevor Barker Oval for the desperately required surface upgrade. The re-allocation affected several local Sporting Clubs and Parks amounting to a total of $889,778 in the 2013/14 fiscal year.
The Hampton Rovers Committee has submitted and presented to Council at a number of pre-budget meetings. Working closely with other local Sporting Clubs to have monies re-allocated. The Clubs being, Cheltenham Football Club, Cheltenham Cricket Club, Black Rock Football Club, Beaumaris Football Club and Sandringham Football Club.
The Committee would like to thank Black Rock Football Club President, Nick MacMillan and Cheltenham Football Club President, Col Anderson for all their work throughout this process.
All Club’s resisted the temptation to make it an us versus them contest with winners and losers. Instead choosing to work together to secure positive outcomes for all. This will be to the longer term benefit to all in the Community of Bayside for these critical Community assets.
Works will begin at Castlefield post Football season. Thanks to the Hampton Cricket Club, particularly Ben Kezilas, for their support as this will affect their 2013/14 season dramatically.   
The Hampton Rovers Committee would like also to thank Bayside City Council for providing the forum to be heard and for ultimately listening to all the Clubs involved.

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