U15 Div 1 Brings Tears to the Eye

Hello Everyone



Players, Parents, brothers, sisters, wife (my Julie) and fellow committee members.



We fell short, no other way to put it!!



After round nine where we were beat by – you guessed it, East Malvern, I talked to the players about September 4 and what it would take to look yourself in the mirror on that day and like what was looking back, well I feel every young man can and should like what was looking back last Sunday after the game, we tried hard and never lowered our colors.



We dominated all bar one, this is tough to swallow but we will,




Because we are strong in character and understand that we will learn, grow and improve, this can only happen when you commit early and get our minds around what needs to be done next year to be in a position to achieve the ultimate in team sport.



To the players



Thank you for your loyalty & friendship, you have been a credit to your families, schools and your football club, I felt a strong level of support always and I would like to thank you for treating my sons, Lachlan, Mason and Kia with respect and I sensed a strong level of security over them from you the players, this made my job easy knowing that you all welcomed my boys!!



I firmly believe that we individually and collectively we improved during the past 9 month.






Guys, you (we) have work to do!!


          We fumbled under pressure early on grand final day.


          Our foot skills need to improve, this is not news to me just pointing out the fact!


          Our game sense will need to improve as well as our fitness and coaching of the lines as we touched on many times throughout the year.


          We need to concentrate when the ball is outside our immediate area.



These key areas are easily fixed but it will take firm commitment and that will start in early November for 1 night a week until Christmas and a restart in late January.


I Hope everyone is up for it?



To the Parents



As mention after Sundays game, I thank you all for welcoming me into the group and entrusting me with your child’s well being at our club!!


We all want what is best for our young men and the level of support was always appreciated.


I welcomed the banter from the fathers and the challenges associated to make us a better team, it is always frustrating when things don’t go to plan and no matter what happens we need to remember that they are young men doing their best.



To The Volunteers



Firstly to a real lady and die hard worker.  Marina Stevenson your commitment to us and the Under 12’s whilst still running a family of five children is a credit to you and a wonderful example to society of a true volunteer, I can’t thank you enough!!


To Rowan Currie, thanks mate, your honest approach with myself and the players was uplifting.


To Ossie, great work mate, I loved you constant word of encouragement !!


To Dave, Paul  & George thanks guys for being there to get the boys up and back on their feet.


To Jackson and Willow thank you for managing and coaching the D3 team on short notice and to the best of your ability always.






I love to win but I love to coach more and when I see young men working together for the common good in a healthy, harmonious & safe environment,  I get great satisfaction for my time, we are a very good team, with room to improve, let’s enjoy our free time, recommit and work a little harder next year, then we will be a great team!!!



Trust me, there is nothing like looking in the mirror and liking what looks back when the premiership medal is around your neck!!!






God Bless!!!





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