2009 Under 12 East Season Report

As Under 11 West Premiers in the 2008 season, the team was promoted into the East Division for the 2009 Season.


After comfortably winning our first game against East Sandy we were hopeful that the boys would be competitive in the premier division.


Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that this brave and determined group were going to be no match for the better sides in this division.


Whilst our better boys were clearly capable of competing at this level, we did not have the depth in the list to match it with teams who were typically very even across the ground and seasoned to the pressure that is required to win games in the East.


Despite our lack of success on the scoreboard, we were all delighted to witness the significant skill improvement demonstrated by all the boys as the season progressed.


In the areas of tacking, shepherding, and the other key “one percenters” our players were clearly as committed as any team in the division so  there are good signs that general improvement will continue to occur next season.


Most importantly, the team had lots of fun.


Best and Fairest:

First (tied):                    Nicholas Pavlou and Aaron Wood

Runner up:                    Connor Riley

Most Improved:             Guy MacPherson

Coaches Award:            Lachlan MacPherson

Most Determined:          Lochie Dunn


Thank you’s:

On behalf of all parents and kids, I especially would like to thank our Team Manager, Alan Jones for the great job done behind the scenes ensuring the season run smoothly from week to week.

To Renzo Scacco, Peter Casey, Peter Wood and Grant Gosgriff who spent much of the season on the boundary line with me, thanks for your invaluable contributions.

To all the game day trainers, especially Judy Pavlou, thanks for being there for boys when they needed it most.

And thanks to all our parents for being there to cheer the team on every weekend.


Finally, to Phil, Dave and Pav, thanks for all the guidance and encouragement you’ve given to me over the journey.


We should all look forward to watching this great team of boys next year back in the West Division where I have no doubt they will again achieve great things.


Craig Punshon


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