Rovers suffer disappointing loss to Eagles

The Seniors suffered their most disappointing loss of the season, pipped at the post by Marcellin in the final stages of the game.

With 90 seconds to go, the Rovers just held on to a lead that they had held all day.  The disappointment of players, coaches and supporters when the Eagles kicked that goal with seconds remaining was palpable.  Still, the Rovers are two games clear of the bottom two sides, who both won on Saturday, and the season is in our hands.

The game was a tough, hard fought battle all day where the scores at the breaks were close, but Hampton showed their class to hop out at one stage to a four goal lead only to have the opposition reel it back in by the end of the quarter. 

Hampton started brightly with Will Crawford continuing his good form and marking strongly and kicking accurately early in the first quarter.  There were some worrying signs, the first option handballs of the opposition seemed to be hitting their targets and while our tackling was ferocious, they weren’t effective in stopping the opposition run.  Compounded by some errors in defence we were under pressure but goals to skipper Christian Carnovale and Clinton Young in his third game showed how easy it was if we moved the ball forward quickly. A couple of strong marks to Clint and some beautiful raking left foot kicks he was showing his class.

The second quarter started with a brilliant passage of play from the Rovers. Oscar Roberts, back from a month out with injury, passed to Crispy, who handballed to Pross and then the one two handballs to Harry McIntyre who hit Clinton Young lace out for a goal.  Spirits were high!  Youngsters Cam Caremeni, Lachy Celantano and Lucas Sharp were playing well down back and were holding the Marcellin forwards at bay.  We were hot and a run of 3 goals to Will Crawford, Ben Crothers, Samme Raghdo and a long bomb from Youngy gave us a 26 point lead. A pity in the final minutes of the quarter the opposition kicked a couple of easy goals.  The half was a showcase for the great form of first ruck Liam O’Driscoll who seemed to mark everything that came his way and his use of his strength in the contests gave us regular first use of the ball.

The third quarter was marred by poor kicking for goal by the Rovers, kicking four behinds and a couple of out of bounds before registering the first goal at the 10 minute mark.  Had the boys kicked straight, the game would have been good as done and dusted.  Instead, Marcellin got back into the game and by quarter’s end, the Rovers lead was only 10 points. There were highlights.  Luke Nixon-Smith’s fantastic pack mark and goal and Tredders bullet like pass to Clinton Young for goal number four capped off some great passages of play. The scores would have been closer at three quarter time if not for the great snap by Jacob Gray right on the siren.

The last quarter started badly when Marcellin goaled within the first few minutes, but the Rovers answered with Luke Nixon-Smith passing to Will Crawford for his third goal.  The quarter seemed to be a litany of poor kicking by us both around the ground and for goal while the opposition took advantage of every opportunity they were given.  Their winning goal in the last minute was via a free kick directly in front for an in the back decision that had not been paid all day, added insult to injury.  

Next up, the Rovers host top side Old Camberwell in what is the second-last home game for the year. Bookings are now open for the Home Game Luncheonbook online here or directly through Gary Nash.

Hampton Rovers      3.2-20  8.5-53  11.11-77   12.13-85
Marcellin OC            3.1-19  6.3-39  10.7-67     13.11-89
Goal Kickers: C. Young 4, W. Crawford 3, C. Carnovale, J. Gray, S. Raghdo, B. Crothers, L. Nixon-Smith
Best Players: L. O’Driscoll, C. Young, J. Manning, H. McIntyre, L. Nixon-Smith, C. Carnovale


Hampton Rovers               0.0         3.1-19  3.1-19                  4.6-30
Marcellin OC                      5.5-35  8.6-54  14.13-97             17.14-116
Goal Kickers: N. Jackson 3, J. Eccles
Best Players: D. Broadstock, J. Melnjak, J. Bowditch, S. Somogyi, T. Stephens, N. Jackson


Hawthorn AFC                   3.2-20  4.3-27  5.6-36  5.6-36
Hampton Rovers               1.1-7     4.4-28  4.5-29  8.5-53
Goal Kickers: S. Raywood 3, A. Price 2, M. Behnke 2, I. Vorpasso
Best Players: K. Galaminda Gellar, K. Ebbott, J. Andros, H. Gould, M. Behnke, P. Ward


Parkdale Vultures             3.0-18  6.3-39  6.3-39  7.4-46
Hampton Rovers               2.3-15  5.5-35  8.11-59 10.16-76
Goal Kickers: W. Rogacki 3, L. Coughlin 2, H. Garrow 2, J. Smith, L. Odgers, B. Klingwort
Best Players: P. Somogyi, J. Hudghton, H. Garrow, K. Carrigan, L. Coughlin


Hampton Rovers           1.1-7     3.4-22        7.6-48         8.6-54
Old Camberwell             6.7-43  12.11-83     17.15-117   24.27-171
Goal Kickers: J. Young 4, N. Anderson, H. Brayshaw, R. Lynch, S. Anderson
Best Players: M. Dixon, H. Brayshaw, J. Ilias, N. Anderson, M. Russell, L. Morcom

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