PEGS finish strong to defeat Rovers

It was a very young Rovers outfit who took the field on Saturday against PEGS away from home. It gave the supporters a glimpse of what the future holds for the Club in the next few seasons.

For three quarters on Saturday they took it right up to the top-four team.  Our backs led by Harry Crisp were tenacious and when you think together the other five have played about 10 games between them, they put up a mighty defensive effort against strong opposition.  Cam Carmeni, regular full back in the Reserves, is quickly picking up the pace of the seniors, Hugo Garrow has been sensational at CHB, Lachie Celantano is showing coolness under pressure, amazing for a youngster in his second game and Sammy Raghdo, Doug Ballard and Joey Wilson were teaming well in rejecting the PEGS advances.

Rovers had the breeze in the first quarter and while we didn’t really take advantage of it, we held a one goal lead at the break. PEGS were more fluid in their ball movement and their link play down the factory wing, which they favoured all day was causing the Rovers problems.  Liam O’Driscoll, carrying the ruck by himself, was continuing his good form and you could see he was in for a hard day with his opponent.  Speedy was continuing his good form around the centre and his fleetness of foot was reminiscent of those games of years gone by!  Clinton Young was providing a target and that was giving Will Crawford a chance to make space and he kicked our first goal of the day.  It was followed shortly after when Ben Crothers was rewarded for a good tackle and he didn’t miss from 40m.

It was a worry when PEGS banged on 2 goals in as many minutes at the start of the second quarter.   We did settle and for the next 20 minutes against the breeze the opposition didn’t score.  Goals to Will Crawford and debutante Peter Smogyi were the result of relentless pressure and we were in the game.  The highlight of the quarter was without doubt the skipper’s handball to Speedy on the run who baulked two opponents, took a bounce, steadied and goaled on the run from 40m, it was a treat.  We’d extended our lead against the breeze and outscored the opposition. The boys were buoyant at the main break.

PEGS came out fighting in the third.  They kicked 1.6 for the quarter but it was the desperation shown by our backs that kept them out.  At the other end we started to shine. When Crispy picked up the loose ball in the backline, passed to Lachy Celantano, who went to Justin Krok who hit Oscar Donald lace out it was champagne football.  To top it off Oscar split the middle. James Prosser was exerting influence on the game and he and James Keys were prominent in the mid field.   To cap it off, in the dying minutes of the quarter the PEGS full back, with a rush of blood to the head ran more than 15m from the kick off, the free was given to Clinton Young who from 40m popped through his first goal for the Rovers.  We were 27 points up at the final break.

The final quarter started as the second did with PEGS kicking two goals in even time, both snaps from the boundary and with that it was it, game over. The Rovers didn’t trouble the scoreboard for the quarter, while the opposition banged on 7.6 to run out 21 point winners.  There were some sensational efforts from our senior players on the day.  Christian Carnovale was clearly BOG, his tackling was ferocious and his second and third efforts were unbelievable.  Liam O’Driscoll fought it out to the end and clearly beat his opponent.  Harry Crisp was great down back and his never say die attitude is what we want all Rovers to have.  Harry McIntyre again put in the hard yards in the first three quarters but like all Rovers faded in the last.  Many of the youngsters showed their class, Justin Krok, Cam Carmeni, Lachy Celantano, Hugo Garrow to name a few all had their moments on the day.

PEGS FC                 1.4-10  3.5-23  4.10-34 11.16-82
Hampton Rovers      2.4-16  5.6-36  9.7-61  9.7-61
Goal Kickers: W. Crawford 4, O. Donald, J. McPherson, C. Young, P. Somogyi, B. Crothers
Best Players: C. Carnovale, H. Crisp, W. Crawford, J. Prosser, C. Carmeni, J. McPherson


Old Geelong                        3.2-20  4.6-30  7.10-52 8.12-60
Hampton Rovers               0.0         0.1-1     1.1-7     1.1-7
Goal Kickers: M. Behnke
Best Players: M. Miller, M. Behnke, P. Ward, O. Tuppen, S. James, K. Ebbott


Hampton Rovers               1.1-7     1.1-7     1.2-8     5.4-34
Beaumaris                           4.1-25  9.5-59  15.8-98 19.13-127
Goal Kickers: L. Nixon-Smith 2, W. McPhee, B. Jensen-Muir, C. Kilburn
Best Players: T. Ellinghaus, L. Nixon-Smith, D. Osborn, L. Teal, D. Field


A great day at the Boss when a legend of the Club ran out to play his 300th game.  Well done to the Chief aka Michael Fletcher on hitting that milestone in what was an amazing performance in that without admitting to any training he rucked the entire day and was still walking at the end! Congratulations to The Chief and all the boys who continued on their winning way on Saturday. They now sit equal in 4th place on the ladder with only percentage keeping them out of the four.

Hampton Rovers               1.4-10  3.8-26  5.10-40 8.13-61
West Brunswick AFC       2.3-15  3.4-22  7.4-46  7.6-48
Goal Kickers: W. Hanson 2, N. Anderson 2, J. Young 2, M. Russell, M. Fletcher
Best Players: L. Morcom, W. Hanson, A. Goodhue, N. Anderson, M. Fletcher


While well beaten we were unlucky in that the PEGS Under 19s had a forfeit and as a result half a dozen of their best pulled on the boots for the Reserves on Saturday.   Good to see Will Walker continuing his good form in his second come back game – he kicked 3 goals. Good to see Jacob Beames in the best and of course the skipper in Jarrod Dartnell.

PEGS FC           3.3-21  8.5-53  10.7-67 16.14-110
Hampton Rovers      4.0-24  4.0-24  5.1-31  5.2-32
Goal Kickers: W. Walker 3, D. Merlo 2
Best Players: J. Beames, J. Dartnell, W. Cowie, J. Bowditch, W. Walker, T. Stephens


The seniors are at home against top side Old Ivanhoe on Saturday in what should be a cracking game.  Make the effort to come down for the Home Game Luncheon on Saturday, It’s only $30, great value for the best lunch in the VAFA! Book online here.

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