Rovers lose away from home

It was a tough weekend for the Rovers with four of the five teams losing – and all of them were playing away from home.  The big winners were the Thirds/Development side with a big win over Marcellin at the Boss. Some well-known names having a run in the Thirds with Matt Innes, Luke Morcom and Chris Ellison featuring in the best along with debutante Chris Bryceson.

Out at Central Reserve, the Seniors started well against Mazenod. A strong mark to Will Crawford at full forward for the first score of the day but while we seemed to have all the play with the benefit of the gale blowing from the north, we just couldn’t put the score on the board. 

Towards the end of the quarter, we had eight scoring shots in a row for just one goal, from Nathan Smith who strongly marked the bullet-like pass from Chris Perkins.  A frustrating quarter where we had the opportunity to put Mazenod to the sword but just couldn’t do it.  To be five points up at the break didn’t appear to be enough of a lead.

Again, the second quarter started with a Will Crawford goal against the gale. While the Nodders did have the wind we were relentless in the pressure we applied.  Lucas Sharp was continuing his good form, the skipper Christian Carnovale, fresh off Big V squad selection, as usual was always in the fight and Liam O’Driscoll, while breaking even in the ruck, was dominant around the ground.  To hold Mazenod to two goals was a great effort, there was only a goal in it at the main break.

The third quarter wasn’t a good one for the Rovers. The opposition came out firing and just kept control of the ball into the wind and banged on four goals while we managed only one when Pross picked up the loose ball at half forward, eluded the Mazenod backs and slotted the goal on the run.  We were doing it hard down back, with Oscar Roberts and Ryan Leslie both out we were lacking experience and while Max Van Der Stratten was battling on strongly and Joey Wilson was showing calmness under pressure, the Nodders mids just moved the ball too quickly into attack for our boys to react.

It wasn’t looking good going into the final term with Mazenod holding a 21 point lead and with the advantage of the seemingly increasingly wind. They did use that advantage and went on to record a comfortable victory.

The ladder at the half way mark of the season tells the story and it’s a disappointing one for the Rovers.  Still, three tight losses and just the one big defeat so far this season and that was out at Old Ivanhoe, so Rovers supporters are looking forward to an improved second half of the 2023 campaign.

Next up, the Seniors are at home against Parkdale Vultures in a must-win game. Set to be a huge day at the Boss with Past Players & Supporters Day on!

Hampton Rovers               3.6-24  4.7-31  5.11-41 6.11-47
Mazenod                             3.1-19  5.7-37  9.8-62  14.12-96
Goal Kickers: J. Prosser, J. Krok, W. Crawford, C. Carnovale, L. Sharp, N. Smith
Best Players: L. O’Driscoll, C. Carnovale, H. Garrow, C. Perkins, M. van der Straaten, J. Wilson


Old Camberwell Grammarians    1.1-7     3.6-24  5.6-36  8.6-54
Hampton Rovers                               1.3-9     1.3-9     2.5-17  2.6-18
Goal Kickers: M. Behnke, M. Naylor
Best Players: P. Ward, J. Wulkan, S. Raywood, K. Ebbott, M. Naylor,B. Kavanagh


Mazenod OC                      5.5-35  8.5-53  10.14-74             11.15-81
Hampton Rovers               0.1-1     3.2-20  4.3-27                  5.10-40
Goal Kickers: N. Jackson 2, A. Woolston, D. Merlo, Z. Raghdo
Best Players: F. McMaster, A. Hug, B. Crothers, W. Black, D. Ballard, W. Cowie


The Rovers Under 19s were unlucky on Saturday, with the game moved from the Boss to Elsternwick Park to take away the home ground advantage for the 2023 U19 Footy Festival. The opponents, Parkdale Vultures were loaded with regular senior players due to the seniors having the bye (after the withdrawal of Old Mentonians). The Rovers were up most of the day but it was Parkdale who finished strong to claim a eight-point victory. Had we been able to do the same, our ins would have included Hugo Garrow, Will Crawford, Josh Hudghton, Justin Krok and James Keys!

Hampton Rovers               4.3-27  5.3-33  8.7-55  8.7-55
Parkdale Vultures             1.2-8     5.3-33  5.4-34  9.9-63
Goal Kickers: C. Kilburn 4, D. Osborn, J. Delaney, L. Celantano, B. Seddon
Best Players: L. Nixon-Smith, L. Celantano, J. Delaney, B. Wells, B. Seddon


Hampton Rovers               0.0         4.3-27  4.3-27  7.5-47
Marcellin OC                      0.6-6     1.6-12  2.7-19  3.8-26
Goal Kickers: M. Innes 2, L. Morcom, J. Young, C. Ellison, J. Campion, L. Byrnes
Best Players: J. Campion, L. Morcom, C. Jones, C. Bryceson, A. Goodhue, L. Byrnes

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