Rovers go down to Parkdale

After a barrage of rain overnight, Parkdale’s home deck held up with apart from the middle as the Rovers faced the Vultures, with both teams desperate for their second win for the season.

This game was always going to be hotly contested and Ryan Fogarty imposed himself early with two solid bumps in the first 30 seconds and Parkdale knew they had a game on their hands. The home side took the ball into their forward line on many occasions only to be denied. VDS was desperate on the last line to knock one through with millimetres to spare.

The game was a real arm wrestle with a lot of man on man contests, lots of tackling and not a lot of clean footy. Ryan Leslie was brave in the marking contest in the forward 50, sent in to no avail. The first goal of the game was kicked at the 14 minute mark and it was Lachie Cairns hitting up Cam Morris, with the ‘mullet man’ slotting it through. Liam O’Driscoll up against Parkdale’s taller ruckman was giving our mids first use while also milking ruck/marking frees at will. The defence held up well given that Parkdale had five missed shots before securing their first and second consecutive goals.

The second quarter started as another arm wrestle, with plenty of forward entries without success until Harry Crisp marked at Centre Half Back and switched to Cogs who kicked to Carnovale, who marked and sent through for the Rovers first for the quarter. Harry Mac showing desperation in the forward line with repeat tackles to earn a free kick. Hampton had some clean passages starting to come together. Jackson Manning to Chris Perkins and then again to Carny for another goal. Having the wind this quarter, the Rovers had seven shots on goal but unfortunately could only manage two majors.

The wind picked up over the half time break and Parkdale had first use, the arm wrestle opened to cleaner footy and the Vultures runners were everywhere, they received a couple of frees in the forward line and the Rovers were under the pump.

Jacob Gray took a strong mark at CHF and slotted through the Rovers’ first of the quarter, followed by Josh McPherson taking a mark at CHF but the shot on goal got carried by the strong wind and went across the face. There was a ball up and then Cam Morris grabbed the ball and snapped truly, that was the last of Hampton’s goals for the quarter. Parkdale had several shots from the boundary and converted. They kicked seven goals from their 13 scoring shots for the term to take a commanding lead into the final term.

The Rovers had a lot of work to do in the last and it was our turn with the breeze. Joel Melnjak to Crispy to Jackson Manning through the middle to Jacob Gray for the first of the quarter. There were more clearances from Prosser and Fogarty providing more forward entries. Cogs continued to take marks throughout the day, he stayed down for two contests down forward and both times was rewarded with the ball over the back for two goals within a minute.

Pressure was starting to build on Parkdale and there was a tense silence around the ground. Cogs took another mark in forward 50 and goaled. Oscar Roberts followed his man down into the Rovers forward line and took a mark and then quickly goaled. In the end, the clock went well over 32 minutes and the Rovers time was up, falling 10 points short. The Vultures had 10 more scoring opportunities and won the game in the third quarter when they kicked seven majors.

The loss has the Rovers struggling with a 1-3 record ahead of a bye next weekend due to the withdrawal of Old Mentonians from the competition, and plenty of room to improve ahead of round six when the Rovers host PEGS at the Boss.

Parkdale Vultures       2.5-17  3.7-25  10.13-73          11.19-85

Hampton Rovers         1.0-6    3.5-23  5.5-35              11.9-75

Goal Kickers:  M. Coughlin 3, C. Morris 2, C. Carnovale 2, J. Gray 2, O. Roberts, J. Manning

Best Players:  J. Prosser, L. O’Driscoll, C. Perkins, M. van der Straaten, R. Fogarty, H. Crisp


Parkdale Vultures             6.3-39                  10.4-64                13.6-84                14.8-92

Hampton Rovers               0.1-1                     3.5-23                  5.6-36                  7.8-50

Goal Kickers:   N. Jackson 2, H. Twigg, J. Wilson, J. Dartnell, A. Hug, C. Jones
Best Players:   C. Jones, J. Bowditch, J. Wilson, C. Miles, C. Watson, B. Crothers


The Rovers Senior Women won their first ever game up in Division 1 of the VAFA after being promoted this season, defeating Marcellin by four goals. Great to see Rovers legend Lauren Moorcroft pulling on the boots and kicking two goals in the victory.  Lauren, currently Eastern Ranges AFL Talent League coach, is our special guest at this Saturday’s Women’s Luncheon at Boss James Reserve (see below).

Hampton Rovers         2.0-12  2.1-13  2.2-14  4.5-29

Marcellin OC               0.3-3    0.4-4    0.5-5    0.6-6

Goal Kickers:  L. Morecroft 2, T. Jones, M. Naylor

Best Players:  M. Evans, J. Andros, H. Gould, H. Collins, B. Kavanagh, K. Galaminda Gellar

UNDER 19’s

The Rovers Under 19’s lost their first game of the season, going down to top of the table Beaumaris by five goals.

Hampton Rovers         1.4-10  3.7-25              7.10-52            8.12-60

Beaumaris                   2.5-17  6.11-47            9.13-67            13.14-92

Goal Kickers:  W. Crawford 3, J. Hudghton 2, D. Hall, J. Delaney, H. Garrow

Best Players:  H. Garrow, L. Celantano, C. McSwain, W. Crawford, J. Hudghton


Hampton Rovers          1.2-8    1.3-9                2.6-18              6.7-43

Richmond Central         1.4-10  1.12-18            3.14-32            7.17-59

Goal Kickers:  M. Innes 2, J. Young 2, J. Campion, J. Grima

Best Players:  J. Grima, D. McCoy, S. Somogyi, J. Bull, J. Campion, D. Osborn


With the Senior Men having a bye, the Senior Women (10:30am) and Under 19’s (2pm) take centre stage at Boss James Reserve on Saturday May 13 (the day before Mother’s Day). The annual Rovers Women’s Luncheon starts at 12 noon. A great opportunity to watch the senior women and the young guns in the U19’s on the same day. We’re encouraging all Rovers supporters to get along for what will be a big day. We are supporting the BCNA on what is Pink Sports Day with funds being raised for BCNA at the Lunch. Our special guest is Lauren Morecroft who played in with the Western Bulldogs AFLW team in their first year in 2017 and made history when she became the first female coach of an AFL Coates Talent League team when she took over the Eastern Ranges this year. The cost for the lunch is just $30 per head and is supporting a great cause. Book online now >

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