Rovers get the job done against UHS-VU

The Rovers Seniors defeated Premier C strugglers UHS-VU by 71 points at Kensington on Saturday in what was the penultimate round of the home & away season.

The temporary home ground of UHS-VU at JJ Holland Park was in ordinary condition and it looked like the game would be a scrap. Late ins were Zac Mackay and another debutant from the Ressies Hugo Twigg. Lucas Sharp came up from the U19s to make his senior debut.

UHS-VU started strongly and the scoreboard, all day, was not a true reflection of the game.  Yes, Cam Morris was dominant, a long bomb goal in the early part of the quarter followed up by some clever handballs from the backs to get it to Cam who had at least 4 bounces and kicked his second.  He was on fire.  Mind you, his UHS opponent had decided early on that any kick Cam got was not to be an easy possession.  When Ryan Leslie marked the errant kick in and goaled we were 3.4 at the siren and our confident backs had kept the opposition scoreless. Great to see Oscar Roberts continuing his great form at CHB. Ned Gray was his usual desperate self, Ryan Leslie just kept on running, Lachie Carrigan just kept getting the ball and Crispy put the body in time and time again. Meanwhile full back Max Van Der Straatan (VDS) was getting cold.

The second quarter was a repeat of the first.  Some great play, a chain of handballs from deep in the backline put the ball with Carnovale who goaled from outside 50m (or was the line at 40?). Joel Melnjak took a strong mark at CHF and gave a bullet like pass to debutante Hugo Twigg who goaled and finally Ant Folino took a mark on the boundary and kicked the goal from the impossible angle.  Really, not much action on the scoreboard when you recall that UHS-VU had nothing to play for.  If there was a positive our back 6 had kept the opposition scoreless for the half for the first time this season. Our best in the quarter were Ryan Leslie, Ant Folino, Zac Mackay, Cam Morris and Joel Melnjak.

After the main break, the boys seemed to switch on.  An early goal to Cam Morris, Matty Rieniets came into the play, Lachy Cairns just kept running the lines but we were not scoring, In fact, when at the 20 minute mark UHS-VU kicked 2 quick goals in succession they had outscored us for the quarter.  Many easy shots for goal by the Rovers had been butchered and were either off line or fell short.

In the last quarter the flood gates opened.  James Prosser, always looking for the handball was far more effective when he opted for the kick forward but he was clearly in our best. Cam Morris continued on his merry way with a couple more goals to make it 4 for the day, Liam O’Driscoll who re-found his marking skills kicked a goal but the highlight was obvious.   Poor Max VDS starved at full back all day was sent up forward in the last 5 minutes.  The pressure was huge, the Rovers faithful were willing him to goal but he kept on missing the chance until finally he snaffled the bullet pass from the skipper 30m out directly in front and he kicked it.  Yes, Max’s first goal ever! He was mobbed, the opposition supporters thought it must have been his 100th and it was a great end to what was otherwise a lacklustre game.

Next up, the Rovers host Old Geelong at Boss James Reserve in the final game of the regular season, before the second-semi final against Monash Blues. Make sure you book your spot in for the last home game luncheon of the year.

UHS-VU                       0.0       0.2-2    2.6-18              3.7-25
Hampton Rovers         3.4-22  6.7-43  9.12-66            13.18-96
Goal Kickers: C. Morris 4, H. Twigg 3, A. Folino 2, L. O’Driscoll, R. Leslie, M. van der Straaten, C. Carnovale
Best Players: C. Morris, J. Prosser, C. Perkins, N. Gray, L. Carrigan, L. O’Driscoll


The Rovers recorded a dominant win over UHS-VU in the early game. We seemed to have shot after shot on goal.  The delivery forward to Corey Jones was sensational and I reckon if he had the kicking boots on he could have easily have kicked 10. As it was the 6 he kicked took him to over 50 for the season.  He’s 5 behind the forward from Old Geelong.

A great number of Under 19s in the Ressies on Saturday.   Big Tom played in the ruck, U19 VC Peter Somogyi had his first run in the senior competition and looked very much at home, young Kento Hikima played a classy game and was named in the best, pity Will Crawford who kicked 10 in the U19s last week as he was assigned to a key defensive post on Saturday, he didn’t trouble the scoreboard but did play well up back!

Of the veterans Oscar Donald was strong all day, Nathan Smith, in a cameo performance up to half time kicked 3 goals, Tim Stewart was in the goals with 2 and Harry Robertson, who seemed to have a roving commission all around the ground even though playing on the backline seemed to have the ball on a string.

UHS-VU                       2.0-12  2.2-14              2.2-14              2.3-15
Hampton Rovers         4.7-31  10.9-69            18.12-120        24.18-162
Goal Kickers: C. Jones 6, P. Somogyi 4, O. Donald 3, N. Smith 3, T. Stewart 2, J. Manning, J. Dartnell, T. Folino, J. Lloyd, K. Hikima, J. Beames
Best Players: C. Jones, K. Hikima, T. Galloway, H. Robertson, T. Goldsmith

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