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U19s too strong for Glen Eira in GF rematch

After two weeks in lockdown and two games cancelled, the u19’s were champing at the bit to take on Old McKinnon/Glen Eira in what would be the 2019 Grand Final rematch, since we missed the first chance back during the previous lockdown.


Strong start in the middle by the Rovers with B. Maz showed strength getting it out to Garbo to Fraser to Beames to O’Driscoll, over to Spaz and onto Rocco, to Beames -Goal! fantastic fast start!

This however was followed quickly by the opposition getting a rushed point due to strong defence in the back line by the Rovers.

Dools went down in a tackle twisting his knee and had to be helped off. (Dools had to go to hospital to be assessed and we are still awaiting MRI results. Fingers crossed for good news Dools).

Starcevich continued on and gave off the handball to B. Maz and he kicked a goal. Then B. Maz back out of the middle with a long kick at goal that hit the post! this unfortunately was followed quickly by coast to coast goal by OMKEG as they got their first.

With the strong breeze to the David street end OMKGE had a lot of the play and got another point, as Zach rolls his ankle and has to come off to be strapped up. the Rovers work hard to push forward against the wind. B. Maz has another shot but misses. OMKGE manage another point before the end of the quarter to lead by a point going into the change of ends.

2/2/14 HR to 2/3/15 OMKGE


This time the wind is with us and good news Zach is back on. Rovers open the quarter with a rushed point. O’Driscoll to B. Maz who kicks from 40 out in front, to put it through for his 2nd goal. Shortly followed by Hugo, who is playing a great game, has a long shot but misses. Rovers work hard together to keep the ball in their forward line, Kervin kicks to Beams who kicks his 2nd goal. Hugo smothers ball to lock it in forward line in crucial play. Brodie is working hard to win the ball. Then as I am writing notes I hear an almighty SMACK! B. Maz & Joey collide in a marking contest.  I look up to see them both on the ground. Ben, winded is very, very slow to get up, Joey gets up much faster in an effort to show us he is ok. Ben clearly is not so is taken off, Joey stays on for the rest of the quarter but is watched closely by me. Ben is badly winded and a little stiff in the neck but otherwise ok.

Costello kicks to O’Driscoll who kicks from 50m to goal.

We end the quarter 6/7/43 HR to 2/3/15 OMKGE.


With Ben on the bench Hugo steps up and is playing like a man possessed! OMKGE come out and kick a goal quickly. A great tackle by Joey to hold them up from going forward again stops their flow. The Rovers once again have to work hard against the wind even though it has dropped a little now. Garbs takes a defensive mark in their goal square to save a goal. Then great movement down the wing by DeWolf to Kervin, to Hugo again. The boys push hard to keep the ball forward but OMKGE get it back and score a point. Our defence is under pressure as they score another point, followed by a third point. The boys push forward again with Brodie & Spaz scrapping for the ball in and under. Brodie gets it out to Hugo who kicks truly. GOAL!

OMKGE move the ball forward again to make our defence of Mackay, Carmemi, Adams and Garbelotto work hard. They have to shots on goal, both miss adding 2 more points and then another is rushed through. We have really been lucky they have been very inaccurate this quarter.

Kervin takes a mark and gets a 50 meter penalty that takes him to the goal square, Goal! Zach takes a good mark in the back line and Garbs lays an awesome tackle. They work the ball forward and Joey kicks a point.

We end the term 8/9/57 HR 4/9/33 OMKGE

Final term

During the break I am not convinced that Joey is not concussed from that earlier collision with B. Maz, so I take him off and send him to be assessed by trainer & Coach Zac who pulls him out of the game.

After resting on the bench B. Maz has his breath back so returns to stand in the forward line and replace Joey. He  almost immediately has a shot but hits the post. Then Peter hits the post! Almost straight away Peter has another shot and kicks a goal. Then out of the middle Peter kicks to O’Driscoll, onto Beams again for his 3rd goal. This was followed quickly by O’Driscoll kicking his 2nd goal  and Seb taking a shot but missing.

Cam then lays a great tackle to gain a free kick and kicks to Beames who gets his 4th goal, followed up by B. Maz getting his 3rd for the game and then a point.

We take the game out comfortably with the opposition adding 2 goals 1 point in the last term. Very satisfying to beat them again and keep them out of the top 4!

Final score 13/15/93 HR defeat 6/10/46 OMKGE

We now sit equal top of the ladder with Kew just ahead on percentage only.

Hampton Rovers                              2.2-14    6.7-43    8.9-57    13.15-93
Old McKinnon/Glen Eira              2.3-15    2.3-15    4.9-33    6.10-46
Goal Kickers: J. Beames 4, B. Marron 3, L. O”driscoll 2, W. Kervin, B. Allan, H. Lay, P. Somogyi
Best Players: H. Adams, Z. Mackay, H. Lay, J. Beames, B. Crothers, M. Garbelotto

Thanks to our volunteers again this week GOAL UMPIRE, Paul O’Driscoll BOUNDARY UMPIRE, Phil Crothers TIME KEEPER/SCOREBOARD – Jason Cave SCORECARDS – Lucas Sharp & Alec McKenzie

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