Rovers step up fitness with new appointment

The Hampton Rovers Football Club has appointed Nathan Bonney in the newly-created role of Physical Preparation Coordinator for the 2020 VAFA season.

Nathan brings to the club a wealth of information and experience from his diverse background. 

A secondary teacher at Padua College, Nathan’s qualifications include a PHD in benchmarking talent development along the AFL pathway, Bachelor of Education and coaching skills for leadership, and an ASCA level 2 strength and conditioning coach / professional coach, to name a few.

Nathan will run the strength and conditioning of the senior teams at the Hampton Rovers throughout pre-season, will be the game day runner for the seniors, manage the player warm-ups and more.

He has so far implemented structured running and incorporated balls into all conditioning of the players since pre-season training commenced on November 18.

Players have been tested and been offered GPS tracking within their training, personalised training programs and one-on-one attention to their needs.

He has focused on the overall health and wellbeing of the players through surveys which players can complete as often as they like.

Overall, it’s been a pleasing start to pre-season, with many of those attending being the senior core group of players. Over 70 different faces have attended, with near on 12 new or returning faces to the club, has pleased all coaches and players. The sessions have been well attended and the level of excitement and enjoyment has been noted.

2020 has started well and we look forward to building in the new year for what promises to be an exciting time.

Pre-Christmas training will wrap up on Wednesday 11th December with the players meeting at 6pm at the grass area opposite Small St Hampton. Following a run, there will be a BBQ at Pav’s house (82 Orlando St. Hampton) with all men’s and women’s players invited.

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