Ressies rampage over Ivanhoe

What a win, a four-quarter effort that even exceeded that of the seniors where the boys ran out 157-point winners to elevate the Rovers to the top of the ladder.  At times the game looked like circuit work as the boys completely dominated the opposition in perfect conditions at Ivanhoe Park.

It was a very scrappy first quarter but some good signs that the tide was beginning to turn Rovers’ way with Ivanhoe beginning to pile more and more players behind the ball. Rovers were rushing their kicks and turning the ball over regularly. Young Jenson Helmsley was very lively in the forward 50 and Nick Jackson was beginning to make his presence felt.

In the second term, the Rovers blew the game open using the footy much better than their opponents. Duds, Duane Vella, the Duck and Jack Zaina dominated the midfield and whenever the ball got into Hampton Rovers half, Joel Melnjak was there to repel the Ivanhoe attack and distribute the ball perfectly via his silky left foot.

The Rovers barrage continued after half time and if anything the Ivanhoe resistance weakened somewhat. As Nick Jackson continued to receive fantastic supply, discussion on the bench shifted to the topic of just how many he could kick today. The Rovers brains trust led by magnet mover extraordinaire Tim Wilson settled on 8. He’d go on to slot 10 majors!

Coach Anton Duddy set a challenge of five goals for the last stanza, the young Rovers ran the game out strongly booting 12 in the final term, the Coach himself dining on three himself. Not often that your full back is vying for best on ground in a 150+ point but that’s how good Rory Lynch’s game was. Not only was he never beaten in a one on one, he won just about every contest he was involved in.

Without your help as an official we can’t have a game so thanks to Ken Duddy for time keeping (and team manager), Edi Melnjak for the goals, and Daniel Andersen (again) for being the runner. Thanks to Ben Kezilas for the report.

IVANHOE AFC                        2.2          2.4          2.6          3.6         (24)
HAMPTON ROVERS                5.2          12.6       16.10     28.13     (181)
Goal Kickers: N. Jackson 10, A. Duddy 4, C. Jones 3, J. Donald 3, J. Hemsley 2, D. Merlo 2, M. Bright, D. Vella, T. Jones, B. Culvenor
Best Players: N. Jackson, R. Lynch, J. Donald, J. Hemsley, J. Daley, J. Zaina

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