Fletcher joins the Buxton team

The Rovers’ link with major sponsor Buxton has strengthened even further, with Leigh Fletcher joining the team at their new Bay Road Sandringham office.

The two-time premiership captain and five-time club B&F joins Matthew Gray and Scott Hamilton at Buxton – the trio involved with the Hampton Rovers Football Club over many years, as well as Buxton itself, supporting the club as major sponsor for over 20 years and again in 2018.

Leigh has a great knowledge of the area, having lived in Bayside all his life, a solid network and is a great addition to the team at Buxton. If you’re interested in selling, would like an appraisal done for your property or would simply like to discuss your options, give Leigh Fletcher a call on 0419 367 228.

Over and above Buxton’s major sponsorship contribution, there is also a referral program in place with the Rovers. For every property listed and sold with Buxton Sandringham, the Rovers receive a referral fee. If you, or someone you know is looking to sell a property, simply mention the Hampton Rovers link either at or prior to the initial meeting, to ensure the Rovers further benefit.

Buxton has established a proud reputation for reliability and integrity, combined with an ability to achieve the highest prices for sellers and landlords. When you think Hampton Rovers, think Buxton.

Support the real estate agency which supports the mighty Rovers.

For more information, visit the Buxton website at

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