Women’s late win over Therry

A snap from 35 out in the dying minutes of the game has put the Rovers Women a game clear in second position on the ladder and ensured a one-point win over a gallant Therry Penola on Friday night at the Boss. The winning kick sailed off the boot of Chloe McLaren, who made her debut into the forward line in only the last quarter of the game! Sheer artistry by Chloe, who always wows us with her accuracy in kick outs up the back, and a stroke of strategic genius by the Ned and Zaina travelling circus (tickets on sale now).

Like a balayage job at a budget hair salon, it was a scrappy game with highlights and lowlights. Having sat in frustrating cross-town peak hour traffic for too long that evening, Therry came out firing, matching us in skill level and work rate and showing just how far they’ve come since they hosted us at Oak Park just one month ago. Our midfielders were empowered by the challenge, with dynamos like Kristy Ebbott, Courtenay Wood, Casey Politaris and Ellie Godden barrelling through the packs and making a beeline for inside 50. 

When Therry succeeded in kicking long out of the centre, the waiting hands of Mandy Naylor and Brianna Hurst were always there to greet them, namely in tackles and turnovers. With the absolute champion of an Umpire doling out some of the highest ball ups we’ve seen to date, Sheedi Ferrari Brown’s work in the ruck was also phenomenal, as were the swoop ins that followed from All Star Go-tos like Taylan Merrick and Amy Cullen.

We thought they had us in the third, but little did they know, we had an awesome secret weapon: our lovely and ferocious captain, Lucy Timmons. When the chips were down and the saladas were sinking, Lucy really lifted us with her leadership and positivity. She also slayed the forward line and took out a very well deserved BOG. Thanks for being the wind beneath our wings Lucy! 

We’re now a game clear in second place, and next week we take on AJAX, who currently sit at the tip of the table but may be teetering after a loss to Mazenod at the weekend. Big game, and big week on the track ahead!

Fantastic to see nearly all the girls (from both sides) back in the rooms after the game together with a large contingent of family and friends.

Hampton Rovers 0.1-1 0.2-3 0.3 1.4-10
Therry Penola 0.0 0.1-1 0.2-3 1.3-9
Goal Kickers: C. McLaren
Best Players: K. Ebbott, L. Timmons, C. Politarhis, B. Hurst, T. Merrick, C. McLaren

Report by Holly Clark

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