Rovers Women record first win!

The Hampton Rovers Women scored their first ever win in VAFA footy in a defiant, come from behind victory, against Old Mentonians.

In a game set to become folklore around the club, (“Where were you when the Rovers Women had their first win?” they will ask. “Schvitzing up a storm running waters” I will answer), Maxine Behnke, Zara Phillips, Sarah Cleary and Chloe McLaren took out best on.

Goals were booted by Alba Skellern, Tarryn Hurst, Kristy Ebbott, Max Behnke, Zara Phillips and Jess Yates. Alba’s drop punt was a particular highlight, catapulted off her right foot and sailing over the heads of a dumb-struck backline caught by surprise.

Echoing the incredible forward pressure, the midfielders shut the opposition down in the second half with speed, communication and a sturdy strategic wall that made Ned and Zaina proud.

Defenders dominated with tackles that intimately acquainted the opposition with the ground, and Steph Rogerson made a triumphant return from injury to show all the amazing advice she’s given us at training in action.

A goal down at three quarter time, the young Rovers surged in the last and with a four goal to zip last quarter, ran out easy winners.

What a win, and what a group! Stay tuned for more Rovers history-making action this season, as the women’s team and their Kylie Jenner braids write a new future for Amateur footy in Bayside.

OLD MENTONIANS  1.4  2.4  3.6  3.6 (24)
HAMPTON ROVERS  1.0  1.4  2.6  6.8 (44)
Goal Kickers: K. Ebbott, Z. Phillips, J. Yates, M. Behnke, A. Skellern, T. Hurst
Best Players: M. Behnke, Z. Phillips, S. Cleary, C. McLaren

Report by Holly Clark


Can you feel the enthusiasm that the women are generating in the Club?  When I arrived at Keysborough on Sunday morning I could hear a murmur, as I got out of the car there was a buzz and by the time the women emerged from the rooms the buzz was a roar as those 25 hyped up Rovers hit the track.  Holly has captured the game I thought that I’d add my reflections on a first in Rover history!

  1. That flotilla of midfielders who were all wearing a number in the 20s, all had long flowing locks (in a ponytail) and all of similar stature. They were the engine room all day and the reason why in that last quarter we ran over the opposition. Great work by Kirsty Ebbott, Maxy Behnke, Alba Skellern and Sarah Cleary.
  2. The first game of Steph Rogerson. Hard at the ball and her opponent, she didn’t take a backward step.  I think at half time when she remonstrated with her opponent the large Rogerson clan present were ready to back her up!
  3. The big hit taken by skipper Lucy Timmons. Don’t say women’s footy is soft, she received two head high tackles simultaneously by two OMs girls.  She got up but couldn’t take further part in the game.
  4. Those McLaren sisters. I lost count of the number of tackles that Caitlan laid and the frees earned.  She played a great game.  Similarly, sister Chloe would have to be the best mark in the Women’s team and her calmness under pressure was a highlight all day.
  5. How good were those ruck(women)? Kiah O’Brien, Zara Philips and Nat Harrison held sway from the outset and got better as the game progressed. They even started to hold their marks!
  6. I see a trend in the women’s team. All of those girls who for years have played “non contact” sports are clearly letting out their frustrations for all those fouls given against them for minimal contact.  Women’s footy is no place for the faint hearted!  OK, I’ll name names –Kirsty Ebbott, Nat Harrison, Bonnie Youl, Liz Dingeldei.  Who else will put up their hand?
  7. How many sisters are at the Rovers’ Both of the Hursts played today as did the McLarens, only one Milliken was on the track but I did notice the other filling in running water.  Great to see!

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