New Lights to brighten the Boss

Boss James Reserve is currently having new lights installed and they’ll improve the lighting dramatically in time for the 2016 season.

The improvements are thanks to a State Government grant received in late 2014 with the work currently being undertaken by Bayside City Council contractors.

The existing lights at the Boss have been in place for a few decades and upgraded a couple of times – fully funded by the Hampton Rovers Football Club. The north-east tower was damaged in mid-2014 and subsequently removed, reducing the lighting to just three towers since then.

The new lights will be 30 metres high – twice the height of the existing lighting towers, with five lights on each tower, compared to the existing two, and minimal spill outside of the playing arena.

They’ll output 100 lux of lighting across the ground which is the current minimum requirement for competition and match practice for local footy, as outlined by the AFL.

The works have already begun with new underground cabling recently installed to the location of the four new lighting towers and while the lights were originally planned to be completed by Christmas, a delay with one of the parts means they’re now expected to be done by February.

The new lights will provide a welcome boost for players at the Hampton Rovers in 2016 as the club looks for a successful season in VAFA Premier B under new senior coach Owen Lalor, while they’ll also present opportunities for night footy, especially at junior level.

The club is also currently in the planning stage of another exciting project for the 2016 season with details of this to be announced soon.

The lights are the latest in a range of improvements at both grounds with the player and spectator facilities improved at Boss James Reserve over the past two years and the resurfacing of the ground in 2012. While at the club’s secondary home ground, Castlefield Reserve, new lights were installed in 2013 and the ground resurfaced prior to the 2015 season.


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