Boss James and Castlefield facility upgrade update

Since the conclusion of the 2013 season, major work has been underway at Boss James and Castlefield Reserve to renew the facilities and ensure Hampton Rovers continue to have some of the best facilities in local footy.

Driven by the Rovers Junior Committee and very well supported by the Rovers Seniors, Hampton Cricket Club, Bayside Council and Dulux Paints, renovations to the great community assets, being the pavilion’s at Boss James and Castlefield Reserve, have been occurring over the past few months and are continuing. The Junior Committee feel it important to update Members of progress and thank the many volunteers who have assisted to date.

The aim of the renovations is to improve the Pavilions for the greater benefit and increased and improved utilisation of all.

Thanks to Dulux we have updated the colour scheme to provide a more inviting atmosphere. This will be enhanced with the proposed re-instatement of the fireplace and addition of couches to provide an area to view games from or a relaxed space at our many social functions for those wishing to escape the hustle bustle of the bar area.

Team Managers:
Both facilities are having a dedicated TM’s desk installed for storage of all required paperwork & equipment and a space for paperwork fulfilment.

The addition of a Medical Room at Boss James will greatly assist our very important and much valued Team Trainers in fulfilling their roles. Centralised storage should assist with stock management and controls.

Improved storage should open up the home rooms at both facilities and the addition of football whiteboards will assist in game day tactics and ‘rev ups’. The gym is having specialised gym flooring’ and a pool fence added, to ensure its use for purpose, and a revue of equipment is underway.

TM’s and others who ever had to visit the Umpires Room at Boss James will be very familiar with its appalling state. An embarrassment to all. The Umpires Room will be re-located to the Men’s Toilets at the back of the Canteen. The Men’s Toilets will be re-located to the toilets next to the bar that have been used as a storage facility for many years.

Storage areas have been upgraded at both facilities and will be greatly enhanced with the instillation of commercial racking. This should assist both Canteen & Bar with inventory management.

Future Improvements:
The following works are in the pipeline, pending planning and funding approvals:

  • Bar Renovation – to open up and allow for greater fridge space, storage, usability and controls – 2014.
  • Installation of Concertina windows opposite bar; to improve viewing area’s and general ambience – 2014.
  • Boss James Ground Lighting – as per Bayside Plan – 2015/16
  • Electronic scoreboard installation for Boss James is currently being reviewed.

Again, thanks to those many dedicated folks who have volunteered their time to assist the tenant Club’s! Being:

Alex Roney
Andy Gooden
Ant White
Anthony Quon
Archie Jackson
Belinda Bacon
Ben Kezilas
Brenton Holt
Craig Punshon
Daniel Andersen
Dean Lovig
Di Farrow
Donna Davies
Greg Taylor
Guy Robertson
Hamish Scully
Jack Bascombe
Jack Baxter
Jesse Donald
Jesse Lovig
Joe Dawborn
Joe Giblin
Joel Crouch
Joel Kenny
Jon Carpenter
Justin Ferguson
Lachie Reynolds
Leigh Fletcher
Liam Dynon
Louise Taylor
Marina Stevenson
Mark Anderson
Mark Grimmer
Mark Wilson
Matt Kenny
Matthew Care
Matthew Gray
Matty Wison
Michael Reynolds
Nick Greenwood
Patrick Scaramozzino
Peter Quinlan
Sam Clements
Sam Kenny
Shane Rogers
Shaune Jackson
Shem Curry
Simon Green
Steve Marron
Steve Wigley
Steven Rose
Stuart Burggraaff
Tim Branson
Tommy Reynolds
Troy Morris
Warren Spence
Will Peet
Wren Spence


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