U11 East Coach’s Report – 2013 Wrap Up

Team : Under 11 EAST Coach Brett Williams
Sponsor: Picasso’s Pizza

Trophy Winners:

Best and Fairest:- Tom Smart

Runner Up Best and Fairest:- Lachlan Carrigan
Best Team Player:- Daniel Bourke
Most Courageous:- Thomas Folino
Coach’s Award:- Finnigan Zeising
What a Journey. We went from 3rd to 2nd to 1st division in 3 years. Out of the 2 years that I have coached this team 2013 was the favourite for me. The boys, the parents and the coaching staff bonded in a way that exceeded all of my expectations and as acknowledged in our team survey. 2013 was an enormous success for our team. We started the season with three objectives; 
1. Every boy needed to enjoy themselves
2. We hoped to win 3 games and to,
3. Be competitive in the highest division (East) 
Although we had 2 wins we were actually in front in the last quarter on 9 separate occasions out of our 14 games. The boys realised how much they needed to step up given that we were regraded from West to East division based on very successful on field performances during 2012. The boys understood the challenge and bonded. In 6 years of coaching at Rovers I have not experienced a team coming together like this one. 
We had far more highs than lows. In the first 2 rounds we played 2 of the top 4 teams from 2012. We were winning both games until 5 minutes to go where both opponents scored late to win. Our competitiveness was very impressive. In contrast the last 2 rounds saw the season get too long for the boys taking its toll where the boys seemed battle fatigued. The boys, however, were never out of their depth in East and remained very competitive.
The 2 years that I coached these boys was an opportunity to coach a wonderful group of kids that belong to a wonderful group of supportive parents. We started with a group of boys and ended with a team of mates. The boys learnt to rely on each other. Every boys strengths were recognised by each other resulting in an interdependence on each other . Our expectations were well and truly exceeded by this exceptional group. Two years saw a 50/50 win loss ratio.
The boys were disciplined and tried extremely hard to always implement our style of play. This group exceeded their maturity by learning a game plan over the last 2 years that they should not have normally been able to implement for a few years at least.
The Volunteer group were very experienced and capable. We need to thank;
• Paul Carrigan and his exceptional football brain, wisdom and experience as assistant coach. The boys respond so well to Paul. They love his insight and knowledge and the boys love having him close to the team
• Phil Bourke & I made an A class team. He was an extraordinary team manager and was a great and well organised support. The year was seamless.
• Daniel Portelli soaked up the job as runner so well. He gave me so much confidence because he convinced me that the kids followed instructions verbatim. We worked him hard with many messages. Thankyou Daniel for always giving my son encouragement and telling me that I give everybody else except my own son credit. Thank you for support.
• Gavin Sharp (known as the ghost writer) as former coach of the team for two years. He was a mentor and great support throughout the years.
• George Surace was a great and experienced trainer for the team. He was passionate and supportive of every child as well. Thank you for bringing David back to our side. 
• Jamie And Jayne Smart – Thank you for stepping to help with trainer duties as well
• Andrew Booth and Rob O’Neill ran the board as permanent volunteers. Making sure that even time and positional rotations were in line with club policy.
• Andy DE Wolf was not only running water but, offered great support and encouragement for all of the boys. Thank you
Congratulations also need to go to our boys who feature well in the league B&F. In order, we had, Tom Smart, Lauchie Carrigan, Kuba Williams, Finnigan Ziesing, Baxter Pace, David Surace, Lucas Sharp & Will Filer 
After completing 6 years as coach and 2 as assistant coach I now look forward to being a dad and team helper next year. A year to regain the energy to coach again in the future. I appreciate the mums and dads who have written and spoken to me about continuing to coach their sons next year. Your support throughout the last 2 years has been unbelievable.
We know that the planning makes it all worth it, however, we have only done a good job with the playing group if they:
1. Come back and play football next year 
2. They learnt something and benefited from the influences of the coaching group
Well done to the boys, a truly incredible effort.
Brett Williams
Coach U11 East Division 

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