Lace it Up – Step Back and Think

The Hampton Rovers and VAFA is proud to be supporting Step Back Think’s new campaign: Lace Up – Take a stand against youth violence. Senior players will wear orange shoe laces this weekend to support the campaign, as will several AFL teams this weekend including all Carlton and Hawthorn players on Friday night.
Step Back Think seeks to create a culture where people use their heads instead of their hands. The consequences of street violence can be devastating and even fatal.
By generating conversation and educating people we believe we can change perspectives and potential behaviour.
They are an organisation run by young people for young people. Sadly the catalyst was one young person.
On October 13 2006, out celebrating his 20th birthday, Old Carey footballer James Macready-Bryan had his brain and life permanently altered as the result of one punch.
While his friends couldn’t change the past they realised they could change the future for others and Step Back Think was created.
To find out more about this initiative, including a video featuring Marc Murphy and Josh Gibson, please visit:

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