Concussion study needs 40-65 year-old men

Following on from the world first study the Hampton Rovers Football Club are currently involved in, Deakin University is investigating the effect of sports concussion injuries on brain health in older men between 40 and 65 years of age.

Deakin are eager to have both men who have either 1) sustained a concussion from playing Australian football at any level, resulting in any length of unconsciousness or 2) those who have never had a concussion.

Testing will take approximately 60 minutes and include non-invasive brain stimulation (used extensively in the medical fields, such as neurology, and more recently in exercise science); memory and reaction time testing and a hand movement task.

The findings of this study will provide comparative information on the brain and nervous system, with hand movements and memory, between players who have participated in a body contact sport receiving a concussion to those who have not received a sports concussion injury.

We hope you are able to contribute to this important research. For more information please contact Charlotte Davies on 0411 217 996 or or Matthew Gray on 0412 303 580 or

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