U12 North and the The Season that was

Congratulations to everyone involved for a season which saw some fantastic development in not only the boy’s football, but also their character. They were all a credit to us in the way they conducted themselves all year, and in their achievements. The home and away results clearly had us as the third best team in our grade, so to win a spot in the Grand Final was above and beyond expectations. Unfortunately, we were simply beaten by a better team on the day, but as always, the lads fought it out to the final siren/bell, and were good sports in defeat.


I don’t like to complain, but l felt the awards ceremony was ordinary, and the boys should have been recognised for being runners up, rather than half the parent group for Vampires being awarded. Isn’t it all about the boys’


Matthew was great again yesterday, and has been wonderful in the ruck in the later stages of the season. A friend of mine who coaches elsewhere commented on how well he did yesterday.


Blake always presented himself, and a good full forward relies on good delivery. With continued improvement from our up field players, he will be a fantastic forward. He has always been a delight to coach.


Harry B as been a great addition to the team, and will only get better and better with confidence. He listens well to instructions, and l love his enthusiasm.


Sean gave everything yesterday, and has grown so much in confidence this year. With his size and strength, coupled with a cheeky sense of humour, Sean will be a key to the team’s future.


Will has been amazingly consistent, and up their with our best for winning the contested ball, and second and third efforts. He is also just so easy to coach.


Harry C has continued to grow as a player, and as previously mentioned, become quite a creative handballer. He will get better with practice and confidence.


Riley has been one of our most improved, and continues to play with courage and improving skills. Watch out for him after a pre season on the weights!


Liam has played full back for us regularly, before being moved upfield. His running is fantastic, and I predict pretty big things from him next season.


Damian has been Mr Reliable off the half back line. He has stong overhead skills, improving kicking skills and a wonderful attitude.


How about Jonny! What a great game he played yesterday, and a great finals series and year he has had. Fearless, courageous and straight ahead, he has been inspirational. 


Lachie is known for his courage and skills. His tackling is among the best in our grade. We often forget he is a year younger than the other boys, but undoubtedly, he is among our core of key players.


Jack played a fantastic game yesterday, and his second half of the year has delivered some exciting and consistent footy. He has become a creative and thinking player, who has made me proud.


Daynon delivered us his best quarter for the year in yesterday’s opening 15 minutes. With his height and speed, he is certainly one to watch as his skills keep developing.


Max was fantastic again yesterday, and is really our leader. His inspirational efforts, particularly when they are needed most, lift other boys to new levels. His attitude to his footy, along with his natural ability, assure he has a big future!


Tyler took a great sliding mark yesterday, which reflects his weekly enthusiasm. He always wants to do well, and is always prepared to listen and take on new challenges. He has also managed some good goal kicking efforts this year.


Tom has shown similar consistency to Will, and has reliably played great footy all year, including that great mark in the semi final. He will be an important part of the engine room going forward to next year.


David had to battle against a fantastic player yesterday, and never gave in. He has been a wonderful addition to our team, not only because of the brilliant, bustling footy he plays, but also for his infectious personality.


Sam is always one of the first to put his hand up for a big job, and will play where ever he is asked. He has been a delight to coach, and will continue to kick plenty of cheeky, opportunistic goals.


Noah has played almost every game, and always given his best. My favorite memory of him was against Vampires at South rd when he took on 2 players, and won the contest!


Josh T has been a really important part of our ruck division. As he fills out, he is only going to get better and better. He was very important in our semi final win.


Declan has had a brilliant second half of the year, and finals series. He was instrumental in our comeback semi final win, and is one of the team’s best overhead marks. His run with 2 bounces yesterday was a game highlight.


Josh V has combined his skiing with with footy. When ever he has been available to play, he has given it everything he has got, and we can never ask for more than that!


Harry W has been one of our stars. He has played CHB on some of the best players, and beaten them consistently. He now kicks long out of defence, almost always picking out a target. No doubt he will have another great season next year.


Kipp has been another fantastic edition to the team, adding some lightning speed and height. He will be another one to watch next year as he gains confidence!


Every boy needs to be proud of themselves!  I have certainly enjoyed coaching them all, and lived every win and loss with them.  Hopefully the next coach has a strong platform to work from.


See you at the presentation night.




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