Marathon achievement for Nick Henry

Hampton Rovers senior player Nick Henry recently completed the Melbourne Marathon which was part of his campaign to raise funds for charity: water.

Nick also organised a function which attracted a full-house at Hotel Barkly. Hampton Rovers AFC was one of countless organisations and individuals to donate funds to Nick’s cause and help him raise over $5,000 which is a fantastic achievement.

Here is the Melbourne Marathon in Nick’s words:

When I did my shoulder a couple of rounds into the season, I took it pretty hard. Six weeks out and then another 12 to a shoulder reconstruction. With the food and drink getting to my belly and love handles popping up I decided that if I was to have any chance making my way back to the Rovers to what looks like a super exciting 2011, I needed to get myself back into shape before the gut took a permanent residence. That, with many other reasons, was the start of my Melbourne Marathon 2010 attempt.

Amongst other reasons, I also pushed to raise money for charity: water, a charity based overseas providing healthy drinking water to those in need. With the help of countless others I managed to raise over $5,000, which is enough to build a community water pump that will serve 255 people with healthy drinking water for twenty years. Some of the bigger sponsors being Melbourne Trailer and Caravan Supplies, ProBuild, Albert Park Rotary Club and the Hampton Rovers Football Club.

The beginning to all the training was difficult as I had to hold one arm in a sling due to my shoulder reconstruction and help my body along with the other; a slightly difficult and very awkward way of running. I began with 6 km runs and once the sling came off 6 weeks in, I started to achieve more serious runs in the 20+ km area. It wasn’t long before I had run 30+ km’s and doing them at a time I was happy with and before I knew it, the marathon at the MCG was upon me.

The run was the hardest physical activity I have ever done and once I hit the 36 km mark, the only thing really keeping me going was the support from many I had spoken to helping me push towards the line. The finishing stages were emotional for me, but once I crossed the line my whole body was emotionally and physically spent. I ran it in 3 hours and 31 minutes, a time I was super happy with. That afternoon was an interesting one, especially considering our new in built stairs.

I was overwhelmed with the support the Hampton Rovers had given me and want to thank them for not only supporting one of their players within the community but sponsoring such a fantastic cause as well. With any luck next year’s marathon run will be hugely overshadowed by a fantastic grand final win down at the Hampton Rovers Football Club in 2011.

Photos from the charity: water event at Hotel Barkly:

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