View from the Outer: Oakleigh canned then Krushed

While supporters at team selection last Thursday night reminisced, with trepidation, about the relationship between the Krushers and the Rovers over the last few years (who could forget the Prelim win in 2008) the game did not live up to the hype.  The Rovers on the day were clearly too skilled and too quick for their opponents.

Even that small number of Oakleigh supporters who could only be described as “Collingwood like” were subdued and some would say quite civilized compared to past years.  Mind you some would say a previous Rover’s coach was capable of winding them up to extraordinary levels!

You needed to be there.  In our first foray forward, Corp demonstrated his balletic skills as he ducked and weaved and delivered to the leading Marto.  That was the trend of the game – fast moves into attack with either Marto, Semm, Corp or the newly wedded Duddy finishing off.  In fact Dudds seemed to be showing off a few of his honeymoon moves with a couple of dives and big grabs!  Kyle Pinto, as the game wore on became predictable.  We knew he was going to take on his opponent, go left, then right, left again and then around him which seemed to occur regularly each quarter.

We kept the scoreboard pressure up all day and, notwithstanding a gale favouring one end, we managed to score as many goals with the wind as we did into it.  In comparison, Oakleigh only kicked one goal into the wind all day – a great reflection of our teamwork and ball usage in the game.

If you were told that big T Rex, tired of stirring up the Oakleigh miscreants, decided in the last quarter to go for a run, have a couple of bounces and then deliver    would you believe me?  Well he did and in the ruck, he and Big Ben Theodore clearly had the better of their Krusher opponents.

Down back we seemed to gain in confidence as the game wore on.  With Carry and Woodsy dominating their opponents, Dave Robbins marking well and delivering the ball out of the danger area and Jacko putting in another solid performance (how far and fast did he run during the game?)  the back six were enjoying  a respite from the pressure they’d been under in the last couple of games. We saw the teamwork and precision that had been missing since round 1 re emerge.

Probably our strongest win since rejoining the Premier B Section.

Next week we take on Uni Blacks at home.  Lunch is on from 12 noon.  Make the effort and come down – it’s a great way to start the day.  A guest mentioned after last week’s lunch that he recently paid over $200 a seat at an AFL lunch only to be subjected to poorer quality food, expensive drinks, an MC who made big Don Scarlett look like a Logie nominee and on top of that had no view of the game!  The Rovers lunch is only $25 and this is a small price to pay for a gourmet way to start the day and support the Club.  Book through Jenny Voss or the website.

Come down and be part of the Rovers push for success in 2010!

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