Boss James Reserve on the mend

As we approach the 2010 footy season, the surface at Hampton’s Boss James Reserve is looking remarkably  better than it did for Round 18 last year thanks to work carried out by the Council and some decent rainfall.

There’s still plenty of room for improvement, however with still three months until Round One, there’s enough time for the ground to further improve providing we continue to get some good rain.

Following the final game in 2009, parts of the ground resembled a dustbowl. Prior to the cricket season, instant turf was laid in various sections around the centre wicket. At the beginning of the Christmas break, Kikuyu grass was line-planted into the affected areas, namely the clubrooms side of the ground and 50-metre arcs. Two days of heavy rain shortly after encouraged growth and the ground is in much better shape today.

Hampton Rovers AFC will work with the Bayside City Council to ensure Boss James Reserve isn’t over-utilises as it has been in the past few years. With the Rovers comprising of four senior teams and fifteen junior teams equating to 465 players plus 200 Auskick participants, usage of the ground needs to be carefully managed, especially during the week with training and usage by local schools.

Click on the following thumbnails to view larger photos:

Looking towards the clubrooms where grass has been line-planted.Looking towards the centre square where instant turf was laid.Looking down the ground from behind the goals.The centre wicket area.The existing grass on the Bluff Rd wing.

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