2009 Seniors Season Report

Firstly I would like to thank and congratulate everybody for their contribution in the club’s endeavours to stay in ‘B’ grade for the coming 2010 season. Well done.

To Tim Wilson and Cam Voss and all the committee, thank you all very much for all the support over the past three years.

Also to Steve Guy (Team Manager) and Kevin Marks and all the trainers, you’ve all done a fantastic job with all the pressure I put you under. Thank you.

A special thanks goes to Jenny Voss for always making my wife welcome every time she came to the Hampton Rovers Football Club.

To the three Best & Fairest winners over the three years, firstly 2007 Gary Carr, 2008 Mark Devereaux and 2009 Leigh Fletcher, you were all deserved winners. And to all the other trophy winners, well done.

To the players that were prepared to do all the hard yards under my tenor, you all should be very proud of what you have achieved.

Most I believe I have become friends with over the journey, which I will always be thankful for.

Also to Anthony Quon and all the Under 19 players, congratulations on winning the premiership in 2009.

When my appointment was made, this the club, Hampton Rovers Football Club, were heading on a downward spiral. But since 2007, the club not only got better, but now are playing ‘B’ grade footy.

Unfortunately in 2009, we never recruited enough players to compensate the loss of players who either left or went overseas. Hopefully you will continue to improve and strive for better.

The appointment of Matt Robbins as senior coach I believe is a positive for the club. I wish Matt all the best and hope he can continue to take this club forward.

Unfortunately I must have upset or stood on someone’s toes. Because I believe I was doing and achieving what needed to be achieved. That was to stay in ‘B’ grade and strive towards ‘A’ grade.

So it’s with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to the Hampton Rovers Football Club, that I have become very proud and attached to.

In saying that, I wish you all the best in the future, and wish you good luck.

Gary Sheldon
Senior Coach

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