Kokoda Track 2009

Hampton Rovers sponsor and seniors fitness trainer, Marc Stafford, is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for Hampton Rovers members to complete the notorious Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea in October 2009.

Marc Stafford Health & Fitness currently has four dates available later on in 2009, the first trip is already fully booked, while the final trip (October 9th-18th) is exclusive to members and friends of the Hampton Rovers Amateur Football Club.

Walking the Kokoda Track involves 50-hours of hiking over 90km of sharp, timbered ridges, steep-sided valleys and fast flowing rivers in 8-days. Vantage points along the Track reveal magnificent mountain landscapes, and a wide variety of flora and fauna is encountered. Trekkers pass through local villages where descendents of the wartime ?fuzzy wuzzy angels’ continue to live simple traditional lifestyles while providing a warm welcome to passing trekkers.

For full details including the itinerary and pricing, please view the following PDF, and feel free to visit for more info.

PDF Document Hampton Rovers AFC Kokoda Track 2009

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