Junior Committee 2005

Whilst it may appear that the 2004 football season has only just finished, we are hard at work preparing for season 2005 (Yes 2005 season!).


Recently we sent out a communication seeking any interest in joining the committee. To date we have had no response. We appreciate that at this time of the year it is hard to think about football however we need to get the wheels in motion for next season.


Our Junior Committee is made up of 12 positions and to ensure we spread the load, we endeavour to allocate an area of responsibility to each person. Therefore the more help we have the less work for all of us.


In terms of the time commitment we envisage a meeting every 3-4 weeks, as well as the time required for the allocated role/responsibility.


As a club, we set ourselves a high standard and want to continue to build on this position.

For us to achieve this we need as much assistance as possible, so I encourage you to put your hand up and get involved in this fulfilling and enjoyable role


Now is the time to put your hand up!


The Annual General Meeting is this coming Monday, 29th November, and we?d like to be in a position to fill most, if not all, positions on the Junior Committee. If you are interested please contact:



Paul Pavlou
Mobile: 0417 317 120
Email: paul.pavlou@idea.net.au




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