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An exciting new way to improve your business’s exposure has been made available by the Hampton Rovers AFC. By registering your business with the club on our business directory, your company will be listed on one of the most interactive and popular club football sites in Australia.


Whether you?re already an active supporter of the club or a business looking to expand its exposure, the Hampton Rovers will provide an opportunity to enhance your company’s name.


For a yearly fee of only $100.00, your business details will be listed on our site which attracts an average of over 300 people per day and 9,000 per month, including players, supporters and the wider football community.


Current $1,000+ sponsors have their business listed at no extra cost as part of their sponsorship arrangement with the club.


The business directory is ideal for all industries, especially tradesmen. The directory can be access via the main menu by going to ‘The Club > Business Dir’ or by clicking on the image under the menu. There are also random and newest listings on the front page of the website which link to the directory as well as a link on the sponsors page.

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