Bayside Council say ?no? to ground signage

Bayside City Council has prohibited sporting clubs from displaying temporary banner advertising at their home venues on match days.


The issue originated from a handful of residents claiming that such temporary banner advertising was ?visual pollution? and adversely affected their enjoyment of the environment.


At a Council meeting attended by local residents and representatives from many sports clubs, a decision was taken to not allow any signage at grounds. The Council stated that the current Planning Scheme as it pertains to advertising signage could not differentiate between permanent and temporary signage.  As a result, all forms of advertising signage were prohibited.


The Council has advised that clubs ignoring its directive on this matter will be fined $5,000 for each offence.


Hampton Rovers AFC major sponsor is Buxton Real Estate in Sandringham.  Part of Buxton’s generous support includes a temporary advertising banner to be displayed at both the Boss James Reserve and Castlefield Reserves on match days.  Taking this away is a huge loss in exposure and impacts on the ability of clubs to attract sponsors.  The absence of such temporary advertising signage is sure to not only cost the Rovers much needed revenue in the future, but all other sporting clubs in the area – revenue which clubs need to fund their operations both at Junior and Senior levels


In response to this issue, the Hampton Rovers AFC has developed a petition calling on Council to change this decision, and this was available at the club’s Junior Registration Day on February 27, 2004.  The response from the parents was overwhelming, with well over 100 signatures received on the night.  Many more signatories to this petition are expected in the weeks ahead as the wider community’s view is accurately represented.


What are your thoughts on this topic?  We are interested in hearing your views. Please contact us.  Selected responses will be published on the Hampton Rovers AFC website.  Please also vote in our poll on the front page of this website.


Visual Pollution? Ground Signage at Boss James Reserve.

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