Chip forced to hang up the boots

Whilst the majority of the Rovers senior players have been enjoying the pre-season in the lead-up to the 2002 season, long-time club player, Chip LeGrand has been locked in a protracted dispute between the VAFA and the leagues insurers.

The insurers who cover the VAFA for professional indemnity have obtained three separate medical opinions on Chip’s hamstrings, all of which raised serious risks to his future health, well-being and mobility if he continues to play Football.

Chip has a congenital condition in his lower back which affects about 99 per cent of 30-plus footballers which means every time he takes the field, he has a 1/3 chance of spending the next six weeks in the medical room.

Despite Chip providing several contrary medical reports from other doctors who have not actually examined his hamstring, the insurer in question have determined that the only way he can play is if the HRAFC underwrites his future amateur football career.

Chip has reluctantly agreed to keep his hamstring on ice and lift the permanent threat of litigation from David Street.

(Chip writes for The Australian)

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