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Rovers Triumph in Local Derby

It could have been September!  Fine, sunny, a gentle breeze and a big crowd looking forward to the first test the young Rovers had to face this year.  While not a grudge match certainly a game where egos were at stake and while hard fought to half time the relentlessness of the Rovers running game gradually overwhelmed the spirit of the Bentleigh boys.


Again Pat Ivory in the ruck was dominant in the opening stanza and while our midfielders didn?t take advantage we still managed to slot 5 for the quarter.  With the luxury of last year’s B&F at CHB and with our captain Max Greenway on the wing teaming well with Chris Hoban the boys kept rebounding Bentleigh attacks. Richo playing the game his way and despite the coach’s frustration was dominant and backed up by that miser Massie on the smalls kept Bentleigh’s chances to the minimum.  Up the other end Ned Fallon was bamboozling his opponent while Zeek, following instructions (for once) slotted a couple of handy goals.  At quarter time we had a 4 goal break.


Jacko Naulty, spurred on by the boundary ump’s (his dad) urgings was having a big day and it was good to see someone step into Chris Britton’s as the hard man at the ball.  Bentleigh was playing well and it was only the coolness of  our back half that repelled attack after attack that saw us ahead at half time.  With the zest of Gould, the coolness of Johnston, Baxter just floating around it was only a matter of time before Ed Turner and Brendan Culvenor had an impact.


That happened in the third when we ran rampart.  With Eddie showing his skills, Ned Fallon gaining space and Mat Innes moving well the tide began to turn.  Goals to Culvenor, Fallon, Innes (2), Turner (2) and Youl were unanswered and the Bentleigh boys resorted to the biff – a yellow card just before the break was an indication of their frustration.  Even the umpires commented on the strong marking by Richard, the Jesses’ and Rob Johnston at the break


The directions by the coach at the – time break were clear.  The boys understood and we matched the opposition goal for goal in the last term.  It was good to see Benny Clarke take a crunch mark in front of the coach and deliver precisely.  (Who said umpires couldn?t play footy?)  Some of our youngsters came to the fore with Cailin Wrigley and Mick Levy flashing in and out of the play.  Our talls continued to dominate with our midfielders taking every advantage we maintained our comfortable lead. 


It was great to see so many parents, supporters and friends in the rooms after the game.  Put our next home game in your diary and make an effort to get down there to celebrate (hopefully) another fine win.


Next Saturday we?re away playing Mentone at the Keysborough playing fields (where we had the practice matches) at 2pm.




HR                5.1     8.3     14.7    18.7

Bentleigh       3.0     7.1     8.2    11.6


Best    Fallon, Naulty, Ivory, Atkins, Lovig, Turner

Goals  Fallon 5, Innes 3, Culvenor 2, Turner 2, Youl 2, Johnston 1 

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