Capper Crashes Ireland

After drawing much attention at the AFL Exhibition Game in London last week, Hampton Rovers’ own Warwick Capper moved on to the next venue on his hit list – Galway’s Pearse Stadium in Ireland. The Wiz stepped up a gear, managing to find his way onto the ground and at the same time, managed to find his way into every news report – both TV and print.


The International Rules game between Ireland and Australia provided the 30,000 crowd with modest entertainment, however the main event was yet to come. After a couple of ?pitch invaders’ easily jumped the fence and went for a run with the security doing nothing more than looking on, the now-famous Warwick Capper followed suit, entertaining the big crowd with a run across the ground.


From the Herald Sun:

Matthew Gray, who wore a wig and the full Sydney uniform, spent several minutes playing up to the bemused crowd as Capper and could not believe the lack of security presence.


“I was actually very surprised how easy it was. I’ve seen the way people get handled in Melbourne when they run on to the field,” Gray said.


“I saw two blokes get away with just being escorted back over the fence so I thought, why not, I’ll have a crack.”

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Following the game, the Wiz was allowed into the change rooms and then the official press conference. After Kevin Sheedy had given his thoughts of the game to the media, the attention moved to the blonde standing in the back corner, with the Herald Sun, Channel 7 and 10 doing interviews with him.


It didn?t stop there, with a live interview on Melbourne radio station 3AW Monday morning (Australian time), and the media interest is set to continue.


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