U19’s: The Score Line Says It All

After suffering some vicious defeats over the past couple of years, the Hampton Rovers Under 19’s finally dished out their own against Peninsula.


The first goal was scored within twenty seconds of the opening bounce, and the procession didn?t stop from that point on. With a score line of 32.29 (221 pts) to 4.12 (36 pts), Rovers peppered the goals all day – that’s 61 shots at goal, a shot every one minute, 36 seconds on average. To follow was a display of disciplined football at its best, with many pieces of play made to look like set training drills. Peninsula’s form in previous games had been fair, but in this game they were never allowed to get hold of the ball.


It is difficult to deconstruct a game with so many outstanding contributors. However, there are a few worth mentioning. Semmell, as usual, was dominant all over the ground – involved in what seemed like every piece of play for Rovers – winning the ball and delivering it with speed and accuracy into the forward-line (when he wasn?t drilling them himself). Smith was involved in many hard-ball gets and so often committed himself to second and third efforts. Zampaglione had great speed out of the middle and created space and opportunities for his team-mates. Other highlights included Corbett ?creating something out of nothing? with his first quarter goal, and Gleeson making strong leads and taking contested marks in an open forward-line. 


After a breathtaking second quarter display, kicking 10 unanswered goals and going into the second half with a 108 point lead, there was always the danger of complacency. If one had to be critical, it could be said that Rovers were inaccurate, yet they never stopped running all game, and were relentless in their endeavour at the ball. Ending the day with eleven individual goal kickers was a demonstration of a willingness to share the ball, a willingness to run hard for the whole game, and a commitment on behalf of every player that allowed for ?flashes’ of mature, professional looking football.


The back-line must be acknowledged for their no-nonsense, but no less vital performance that created the opportunity for classy vignettes of football and set-up many of Rovers’ re-bounding goals. All in all a great game from the boys to provide a handy percentage booster, after some close early matches.


Goal kickers: Gleeson (5), White (4), Zampaglione (4), Corbett (3), Ross (3),  Semmell (3), O?Brien (2), Rootsey (2), Hille (2), Lang (2), Mitchell (2).


Best: Semmell, Zampaglione, Smith, Mitchell, Ross, Hendry, O?Brien, Lang.


Scores: Hampton Rovers     def.    Peninsula O. B.

            7. 9. (51)                        1. 3. (9)

            17. 16. (118)                   1. 4. (10)

            24. 21. (165)                   3. 10. (28)

            32. 29. (221)                   4. 12. (36)


by Natalie O?Brien

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