U19’s Win At Home By 15 Points

Rovers won a scrappy game against Old Haileybury. Although the win was a real team effort, the game was characterised by scrappy play and poor disposal. In a slow start Rover’s were goalless in a low scoring first quarter, kicking five behinds to OH 1.2. The back-line was composed under pressure, Sharpe was strong at CHB and players ran hard, but were let down by the high number of turn overs – the result of both poor delivery and a lack of ?clever? options.


After the first break, Smith was moved down back, and with Sharpe steadily dominating in the ruck, Rover’s kicked four goals. Jordan Corbett, in his return game (after a year out), kicked a memorable first goal of the quarter – an unbelievable set shot from the David Street boundary line. As both teams went goal for goal, it was a tight struggle, but with Rover’s winning most of the ball out of the middle, they looked the better team heading into the second half two points up.


The third quarter looked destined to be a repeat of last weeks’ ten minute ?brain-fade?. Rovers couldn?t penetrate the forward line and sloppy tackling allowed Old Haileybury to stay in the game. Going into the last, coach Dale Ross instructed his players in the simplest of terms: ?lead, lead, lead, run, run, run?, and ?Don?t question what we?re going to do, just do it?.


The fourth quarter was another nail-bitter.  Rovers had most of the ball, but OH were desperate. Smith and Sharpe provided strong tackling pressure and Zampaglione was good winning possession in the centre and setting-up opportunities. Woodsy suffered severe concussion half way through the last quarter, adding incentive to the win. While there were even contributions all day, highlights included Ross moving to the forward line where he kicked two quick goals, and Mitch Westhead kicked a great crumbing goal and took the hit that came with it.


Goal kickers: Ross (2) Corbett, Rootsey, Semmell, White, Fallon, Westhead, Smith.


Best: Sharpe, O?Brien, White, Ross, Semmell, Mitchell, Suleyman, Zampaglione, Smith.


Scores: Hampton Rovers         def.      Old Haileybury

  0. 5. (5)                                  1. 2. (8)

              4. 9. (33)                                4. 7. (31)

              5. 11. (41)                              6. 7. (44)

              9. 16. (70)                              7. 13. (55)

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