Paradians down Makeshift Rovers

The Rovers Selection committee faced with a staggering 17 injured players were forced to field a patched up side for the game against Old Paradians on Saturday. The Reserves side saw the return of several retired players to make up depleted numbers and were no match to the Old Boys.


Expecting a similar result for the Seniors the Rovers faithful were pleasantly surprised when the side turned on a great 1st quarter display to lead the opposition by 5 to 3 goals, however in the heavy conditions of the small Bundoora ground, the Old Boys certainly knew how to play their own ground and gradually over the next 2 Quarters gained a handy lead of 14 Points.


The last Quarter saw the Rovers take a 2 Point lead at the 17 minute mark but could not withstand the pressure applied by Parade as they ruthlessly kicked 4 goals in the dying minutes of the game to sink any Rover chances.


Adam Power turned in a gutsy performance to boot 6 Goals whilst Garry Carr held the backline together throughout taking several telling marks and forcing the Rovers into attack with accurate kicking. Brad Boyd on the wing knocked up getting kicks and his clever ball handling skills helped the Rovers to several Goals. It was great to see the return of Ben Artz after 2 years absence with his hard tackling and under the pack desperation, this continuing form is sure to keep him in any Rovers side for the balance of the year.


Next week the Rovers are matched against old foes Essendon Grammarians at Boss James Reserve, David Street. All supporters are requested to attend the pre-game luncheon. Book early. A Rovers victory is essential to keep B Grade survival alive.


SCORE: Old Paradians 13.18.96 d Rovers 10.11.71

GOALS:  Power 6, Lawrence2, M.McKellar, Rayson.

BEST: Power, Carr,C. McKellar, Boyd, Browne, Rayson, B.Artz.


Rovers Under 19’s beat Old Trinity to strengthen their top 4 position.
SCORE 15.6.90 to 11.9.75.

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