Rovers keep ‘B’ Section hopes alive

Rovers kept their B Grade hopes alive for 2003 with an inspirational win against Old Essendon at Boss James Reserve on Saturday.

In blustery conditions the season looked to be over for the Rovers at the first quarter break as they trailed by 6 goals however, the contest had only just began as the Rovers lifted and with the aid of the strong wind the scores were equalled at half time.

The last half turned out to be a ‘battle royale’ as the lead changed several times with both sides trying desperately to master the conditions and it was only in the last dying seconds that the Rovers drove the ball through for the last goal to win by 4 points.

Adam Power was superb as he ran amok in the forward line booting a well deserved 5. The big ‘Chief’ Michael Fletcher was the driving force behind the victory as he constantly gathered in his backmen to repel the Old Essendon attacks.

Congratulations to two club veterans who played milestone games on Saturday. Steve Helliger played his 250th club game, he first played for the Rovers in 1986 and has played 115 junior and 135 senior games. And Drew Anderson played his 150th VAFA game, he has played 142 junior and 150 senior games and began at the Rovers in 1984.

The Rovers are now equal with Ormond on the ladder with 2 rounds remaining. Rovers must gain a win to move above Ormond and avoid relegation due to their poor percentage. Next week the Rovers take on Old Brighton at Brighton Beach Oval in one of the most important matches of the season.

SCORE: Rovers 10.13.73 d Old Essendon 10.9.69
GOALS: Power 5, S.Anderson, Barker, Carr, Duddy, C.McKeller.
BEST: M.Fletcher, Power, Carr, Wheeler, C.McKeller, Ng.

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