Rovers go down again

A more skilful, taller and stronger Old Melburnians easily overran the Rovers in the final 3 quarters to win by 9 goals at the Junction Oval on Saturday.

Except for the Rovers dominating the first quarter to set up an early lead of 3 goals they could not withstand the pressure from the Old Melburnian players applied after the break. It seemed at this stage that the challenges set by coach Norm Goss after some serious soul searching last week would see a revival of earlier season winning performances.

From here on Old Melbunians punished the Rovers by piling on 18 goals to 7 as they constantly won the centre clearances and ran the ball skilfully to their strong marking forwards.

Players to stand out for the Rovers were McKeller with 27 possessions and Michael Davey with 4 hard-earned goals, Adam Power was strong at the ball all day but was forced upfield to gain possessions due to the limited Rovers excursions within the 50 m area.

A lot of supporters see the Rovers performance in the first half of the season as a dismal failure however with 3 wins from 9 games they are only 2 games shy of third position. The B grade competition is very even and with a higher win ratio in the second half a final four position at the end of the season is not yet out of the question.

Next week is again an away game against Therry Penola Old Boys and a win by the Rovers is a must to regain some confidence.

GOAL KICKERS: Davey 4 Power 2 Barker Busby Connelly Martyn Wills 1
BEST PLAYERS: McKeller Power Davey Browne Connelly D.Anderson

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