Rovers defeat Old Brighton

In perfect conditions at Brighton Beach Oval on Saturday, the Rovers had a tactical and inspirational win over Old Brighton Grammarians by 2 goals to again survive the threat of relegation.

The Rovers tactics were based around the Norm Goss pre-match “Tapes” which certainly sent the side out with the ball and a victory as their only objectives.

At the end of the second half the Rovers held only a one point lead but in the second half they increased the tempo by attacking the ball with an even more ferocious intensity to overhaul the Old Boys by 7 to 5 goals.

Once again the Rovers were well served by ruckman Anthony Browne and champion centre Jason Zampaglione as they gained numerous possessions to tear the heart out of the Old Boys. Onballers Benny Martyn and Travis Barker were superb as they constantly repelled Brighton attacks into Rover opportunities.

One of the highlights of the second half was Rover captain Steve Andersons 70m torpedo goal from the grandstand wing which basically helped to sink any chance of a Brighton comeback.

Next weeks game is against top side Old Melburnians at Boss James Reserve, David Street and based on current form the Rovers can be rated a chance. In a twist of fate the Rovers require Old Brighton to defeat Ormond if the Rovers fail to win to make B grade a definite for 2003.

SCORE: Rovers 14.11.95 defeated Old Brighton 12.11.83
BEST: Browne, Zampaglione, Martyn, Barker, Milne, Power, M.Fletcher
GOALS:P ower 5, Browne 4, Milne 2, D.Anderson, S.Anderson, Zampaglione.

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