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Rovers U19s defeat Parkdale

Match Report Round 10 – v Parkdale




We all knew there was something wrong when he kept repeating  ?Put me back on I can win this game?.  Having taken a knock, kicked the goal and then taken himself off the ground he was clearly ?not with it?. The hospital confirmed Tom Youl’s feeling of being in wonderland was concussion but, with a week off and he should be OK.


Who would have thought as we gathered at Parkdale in the gloom and drizzle of Saturday afternoon that we were going to have a real contest on our hands.  Parkdale’s recent form had been patchy but it was clear from early on that they had a few ring ins, the word being they?d dropped a couple back from the seniors to try for a final’s spot in the U19s.  With the largest margin for the day being on the final siren – 8 points, it can be seen what a battle it was.


Losing Tom in the first term was a great loss particularly in view of the good form he has been in.  The bench, only 3 this week was immediately down to 2 (including Jack Baxter and Jess Craig who had been crook with the flu all week) and so careful rotational management would have to be effected by Grant and Quonny. 


Ned Fallon was in scintillating form from the outset and a five goal game showed he?d overcome his recent illness.  The clear concensus was that Ned had played his best game for the year.


With a number of players unavailable this week, the coaching panel was being very creative with last week’s leading goalkicker Jordan Goss starting at CHB.  When moved into the pivot he put in a blinder and controlled that area in similar fashion to his goalkicking display of the previous week.  Marlon again played a lone hand in the ruck and played his best game for the year.  We kept battling on.  Zeke Lewis played a team game and Mat Innes again roamed the forward line we had no trouble keeping with the Parkdale boys but just couldn?t jump clear.


It was a hard, slogging, bruising encounter with the wet and slippery conditions making skilful play difficult and scoring at a premium – 14 goals our lowest total save for our loss to Ajax!


The highlight probably came in the last quarter when Mat Care grabbed the ball at the back of the square, took on a number of the Vultures, had a bounce and delivered the ball forward, where we scored the goal that sealed it for the Rovers.  A great bit of play!


At the aftergame drinks Quonny was in a quandry – does he give best player award of a six pack to Ned (who is underage) or reward one of our most consistent players who controlled the back half all day, Richard Atkins (aged over 18).  He opted for the responsible decision only to find that the award was in fact a gift voucher!  Better luck next time Ned!



HR                4.0     7.1     11.5    14.9             93

Parkdale        3.2     6.4     11.4    13.7             86


Best    Fallon, Woltering, Goss, Atkins, Lewis, Greenway, Innes

Goals  Fallon 5, Innes 3, Culvenor 2, Lewis 1, McMahon 1, Youl 1






OFFICIALS                 Please be there by 1.45pm

GOAL            GOSS

TIME             INNES


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