U19’s: Rovers Fight It Out To Win By 25 Points

Rovers Under 19’s travelled to Peninsula this week to face a considerably improved Peninsula side from the one they thrashed by 185 points last time they met. The first quarter demonstrated that Peninsula weren?t about to let that happen again. This contest was to be closer on the scoreboard and on the field.


In many respects the muddy, slippery conditions determined the unattractive yet hard, physical style of play. There were a lot of stoppages and possession won at ground level. Smith was one of a few players who put together four good quarters for Rovers. His intentions were made clear in the first quarter when he chased hard and laid three inspired tackles in a row, resulting in a holding the ball decision and an out on the full – both to Rovers advantage. Zampaglione, on the ball all day, was able to use his speed to out-run and out-position opponents. Hendry and Hille were also valuable contributors at various stages. Many Rovers players were good in patches, but seemed to drift in and out of the play, unable to put four consistently good quarters together. 


Rovers faded late in the third quarter, and allowed a determined Peninsula to sniff a win. Instructions going into the final quarter focused on maintaining possession and being smart with the footy. In the last, Peninsula came hard at Rovers and got within four points (after being 16 points down at three quarter time). Fortunately when it was needed most Rovers players lifted – including White, who worked hard all game, but will be remembered for kicking the two long goals that secured a Rovers victory. Ross also showed his maturity as a footballer and lifted his intensity at crucial stages of the game, but particularly in the last quarter. As an aside, Corbett was unlucky not to get two goals – instead kicking two posters – belying his effort in the forward line with goal assists.


While the game was an even contest – both teams had 29 shots at goal and both were dogged by inaccuracy – to win by 25 points, when challenged to within four demonstrated an ability to fight-back and run-out the game in difficult and tiring conditions.


Scores: Hampton Rovers     def.    Peninsula O.B.

  3. 4. (22)                        2. 8. (20)

  7. 8. (52)                        3. 11. (29)

  8. 13. (61)                      5. 15. (45)

  12. 17. (89)                    7. 22. (64)


Goals: Rootsey (3), Ross (3), White (3), Hendry (2), Cannell.

Best: Smith, Hille, Zampaglione, Hendry, Ross, Sharpe, White, Cannell, O?Brien.

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